Russia Calls Up Swiss Newspaper to Inform Them That Their Memes are Garbage

I’ve seen people doubt Vladimir Putin’s religiosity.

Personally, I’ve never really doubted it. When you’re in a position where life is hard, and stakes are high, you have to have some method of dealing with that. That is just a practical matter. The traditional method of dealing with this is religiousness.

I think Adolf Hitler went too far with it, believing that his notions of divine providence meant that it was impossible for him to lose the war. There has to be some kind of dialectic between “if I do the right thing, God will protect me” and “it’s on me to make the right decisions.” I don’t think that if you go full-on with either, you can succeed totally in life.

From what I’ve seen, Putin has struck the correct balance between personal responsibility and faith in God. The invasion of the Ukraine, as the most recent and obvious example, required meticulous calculation, but also a belief that God and goodness would win out.

Putin calling up a Swiss newspaper and being like “I just wanted you to know that your memes are garbage” requires both personal brilliance and divine inspiration.

New York Post:

The Russian embassy in Switzerland sent a legal threat to a Swiss newspaper after the outlet published a caricature of President Vladimir Putin wearing a clown nose and rainbow streaks across his face, according to reports.

The embassy’s press service, in a letter posted to its website Saturday, condemned the newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung for publishing the image in a July 9 article about the role of memes and digital messaging in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to the Washington Post.

The article, titled “Between Superheroes and Villains: The Power of Memes in the Ukraine War,” shows Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky depicted in a Captain America-like suit with Ukrainian colors and symbols while Putin is next to him in a clown nose and rainbow makeup.

“If we are speaking about clownery, it would be much more appropriate to touch on this topic in the context of the recent past of the former Ukrainian comedian V. Zelensky,” the embassy said in its letter.

Russia also took exception to the rainbow colors associated with Putin because of their apparent connection to the LGBTQ community.

The embassy said Putin “is a deeply religious Orthodox person and advocates the preservation of traditional Christian values in Russian society (and he is clearly not a fan of the LGBT community),” according to the Washington Post.


Leftist memes are just so terrible, it’s unbelievable. Both the image of Zelensky as the good guy and Putin as the bad guy just suck. Using Marvel comics unironically as a reference point for heroism is as weak as weak goes.

Memes are intended to transmit large amounts of information and ideas within relatively simple images. “Totally good comic book hero fighting silly clown man” is just horrible memeing.

I’m just going to pick two of our memes of our respective heroes and villains and compare them to the ones published in Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

Here’s an example of one of our memes of Putin as the hero:

It references Gigachad, which itself references an entire lore about the peak of masculinity and intelligence as the core of resistance to leftist nonsense. This is a lot better than a Captain America reference, which is just “good guy is good and fights against bad people.” Gigachad is also a reference that appeals to intelligent adults steeped in an entire list of social and cultural understandings, rather that to simple children steeped in CGI explosions and tedious cartoon fight scenes. The imperial flag represents the fact that Putin is not a generic strong good guy, but is fighting to defend Christendom and ancient European tradition.

As for our versions of Zelensky as the bad guy, this is a fine example:

Instead of just “hehe, bad guy is like a clown,” we are using a modified version of the most famous anti-Semitic cartoon ever made, Le Happy Merchant. Merchant himself has an entire lore as a Jewish stereotype who engages in all different kinds of criminal abuses of white Christians. To us, Zelensky is not just some generic bad guy, he is a representative of the global Jewish order. The Ukraine flag has the Star of David and the symbol of NATO. Zelensky is a Jew who is fighting for the globalist Jewish order and not the people of the Ukraine. The fact that he’s a Jew means he does things like beg for money and weapons and build a war strategy around human shields. He doesn’t care about the people of the country he rules, because he isn’t fighting for them.

Above all: our memes transmit actual truth, while the leftist memes in question communicate nothing other than “good guy fight bad guy.” They don’t tell you why Zelensky is good or why Putin is bad. Our memes reference an entire cultural backstory. Furthermore: Zelensky is not a fighting hero – he’s an extremely wealthy Jew in an undershirt who begs for money while sending peasants off to die for Western interests. Putin is not a clown, he’s a shrewd and intelligent leader of a superpower surrounded by intelligent men who have formulated a brilliant military and economic strategy.

One of the best Ukraine War memes took the image of Zelensky as Captain America, but used the NATO logo rather than the Ukraine flag, and showed him being supported by the ghosts of Black Panther, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Harambe, with a black sun in the background.

This jokingly portrays Zelensky as a hero, while also showing what he is actually fighting for – global American Hollywoodism (Black Panther), leftist values of feminism, homosexuality, and abortion (Ginsburg), and vapid reddit emotionalism (Harambe). The black sun is a reference to the fact he’s using neo-Nazis to fight his Jewish war. It’s funny because it’s true, and everyone who enjoys this meme understands all the different elements and their implications. It is a huge amount of information transmitted in a simple image, which is what memes are supposed to do.

If I was charged with making pro-Ukraine and anti-Russia memes designed to appeal to intelligent or semi-intelligent people, I guess I would figure out a way to portray Zelensky in a “David vs. Goliath” position, and Putin as a bully, and work the details from that starting point.

But the thing is: I’m sure the “Captain Ukraine” and “Clown Putin” memes work on their intended audiences, because anyone who is on that side is too stupid to understand anything beyond “good guy good, bad guy bad.” So the entire situation speaks to the underlying differences between Ukraine supporters and Russia supporters.


I posted this meme on Gab.

I think it is a very good meme. I hate explaining memes, because so much of the enjoyment of memes is being able to understand them – having the knowledge required to be initiated into the understanding. But since I just wrote an article explaining memes, I’m going to explain this meme, and explain why low IQ right-wingers who try to get involved in internet discourse are a total cancer.

The meme shows Jews as the brain of the United States using the Republic of Germany (which is the US occupation government of Germany) to force the German people (represented by the Swastika, because that’s the flag they would still be using if they hadn’t been defeated by the US in a war) to get on board with the Ukraine conflict (represented by the police car). In the real world scenario Derek Chauvin, working for the city, was putting his knee on George Floyd’s neck to force him into the police car. Right now, Germany is being bullied by the United States, which occupies the country, to join in this conflict in the Ukraine.

Any intelligent person who looks at this meme is going to understand it. However, Gab people are not intelligent, and assumed that I was saying that “Nazis are niggers like George Floyd.”

The meme has nothing to do with Nazis. The meme has to do with Washington manipulating Germany (and all of Europe) into getting involved in a war that they have no interest in, and Europe being too weak to resist going along with this scheme.

These right-wingers on Gab are just as stupid as the people who like memes showing Zelensky as Captain Ukraine and Putin as a silly clown. The majority of people are stupid, and need to either be constantly pandered to, or given something else to do so they can’t make problems. The entirety of global politics is the result of stupid people who can’t understand anything that is not on the level of a Marvel Comics Film going along with the agendas of people who are smarter than them.

I don’t support Leo Strauss, and I believe that the good guys should always be honest, open, and genuine. But the fact of reality is that the overwhelming majority of the people are low IQ peasants who simply do not have the intelligence to have any real moral convictions. The majority of the people who believe in leftism could just as easily be convinced to believe in rightism, it is simply that the leftists control the levers of power, and therefore decide what the low IQ masses support.

Memes are the purest distillation of culture, so understanding the way memes are used and how they affect people is a relatively easy path to understanding the basic human dynamics of society at large, and the roles that different kinds of people play in the social ecosystem.