Russia Responds to US and UK Threats on Iran, Tells Them to Go to Hell

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Director Sergei Naryshkin

The entire US global project is falling apart before our eyes, and of course they are lashing out.

Saudi Arabia was once a very trusted ally of the US, now they’ve allied with China, and have therefore cleared up the animosity with Iran.

There is no longer any conflict in the region for the Americans to stoke or stroke, but they are continuing to make wild threats of mass death and doom.


The US and UK should leave Iran alone, the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergey Naryshkin, has said. The official also suggested that the two nations are dismayed by the success of China’s efforts to reconcile Iran and Saudi Arabia.  

Speaking on Wednesday, Naryshkin said he would advise the “Anglo-Saxons to take care of their own internal civil conflicts. Or better yet, go to their old pal – the devil.”

According to the official, Washington and London view the recent normalization of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia in a strictly negative light. He claimed that the two allies are wary that Beijing’s diplomatic activities in the region could undermine their long-term strategy to weaken the Islamic Republic.  

Naryshkin went on to allege that American and British government agencies have been tasked with derailing China’s diplomatic efforts and discrediting its role as a mediator. He cited narratives to this effect in the media, adding, however, that the US and UK are unlikely to succeed with their supposed smear campaign “in the new geopolitical reality.”

Russia’s top spy argued that Western powers could play a role in ensuring global security and prosperity, but only as one of numerous centers of a multipolar world. However, the “insane vanity” of these nations precludes them from acting on an equal footing with other players, Naryshkin claimed.

Quoting from the Bible, the Russian official added that “their end will correspond to their deeds,” and predicted that America and Britain’s fate “will be sad.” 

Everyone’s end will correspond to their deeds. God promised us that much.

It is impossible to claim that US deeds are good. These people are literally obsessed with man-on-man anal. It’s their defining virtue, and the gauge by which they measure others: “Are they doing anal? Okay, great – if they do double-anal, send them another round of money.”

It will be sad when the US falls, as it used to be a great nation. But the people are all fat now, and they’re gay drug addicts. Most of the people have already been replaced with brown-skinned morons from wherever.

At this point, the fall of the empire will be a great relief for the earth.