Russia Says They Haven’t Even Begun to Fight!

Obviously, the initial invasion of the Ukraine was meant as a negotiating strategy. Everyone knew that at the time and just lied about it – there is no possible way Russia thought they were going to conquer the entire Ukraine with 200,000 soldiers. What Putin thought is that an invasion would show that Russia was serious, and the Ukraine would come to the negotiating table.

Of course, that did work. People say it did not work, and they have no idea what they’re talking about.

First, there is an entire Wikipedia page on the 2022 peace negotiations, which started days after the war in February and continued up through April of 2022.

Second, Zelensky said in interviews throughout March that he was open to signing a neutrality agreement.

So Zelensky did in fact come to the table, and publicly stated he was ready to meet Russia’s demands. Therefore, the Russian strategy did work.

The problem was that the US came in and told Zelensky he was not allowed to negotiate, because they want a war with Russia inside of the Ukraine.

It was revealed in May of 2022 that Boris Johnson personally flew in and ordered Zelensky, on behalf of the collective West (i.e., ZOG, i.e., Analmerica), to cancel negotiations.

Zelensky is a puppet of the US State Department, so he did as he was told.

What that meant is that the Russian operation had to shift from being a negotiating strategy to being a real war. They have now done that. You see that they are winning, and following the horrific fall of “Bakhmut,” US publications have been forced to admit they are winning.

However, thus far, Russia has only done a partial and relatively minor mobilization. Russia could escalate this as far as they need to, if they deem it necessary.

What they have said is that they are going to meet NATO’s escalations.


The outcome of the Ukraine conflict hinges on whether NATO continues to prop up Kiev with arms shipments, Andrey Kelin, Russia’s ambassador to the UK, said in an interview released on Saturday.

Speaking to the BBC, when asked how long he thought it would take for the fighting to cease, Kelin replied that it “depends on the efforts in escalation of war that [are] being undertaken by NATO countries, especially by the UK.”

The envoy went on to say that “it is a big idealistic mistake to think that Ukraine may prevail,” adding that Russia is 16 times bigger than Ukraine and possesses enormous resources. He stated further that Moscow “hasn’t… started yet to act very seriously.”

At the same time, Kelin warned that “sooner or later, of course, this escalation may get a new dimension which we do not need and we do not want,” pointing to the UK’s recent decision to send Ukraine long-range missiles and tanks, as well as ongoing deliberations about potential shipments of modern aircraft.

However, he did not rule out that the conflict could be settled diplomatically, saying that the two sides “can make peace tomorrow.”

On Saturday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin said that the Ukraine conflict could be resolved if Kiev were to ditch its ambitions to join NATO and the EU, recognize “new territorial realities” and designate Russian as a state language.

However, Mikhail Podoliak, an aide to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, dismissed the demands, insisting instead that to make peace, Russia must withdraw all its troops from the territory Kiev claims as its own, pay reparations and extradite “war criminals.”

This is the US narrative: “the war will never end.”

Those terms would mean the collapse of the Russian state, and therefore it is simply a way to say “we are just going to keep fighting until everyone in the Ukraine is dead.”

In October, Zelensky actually signed a decree making it illegal to negotiate peace.

It’s not clear what the US goals are, and the US has not clearly stated any goals beyond “endless war.”

However, what is clear is that Russia is not going to back down, that Russia is winning, and that they are capable of meeting any escalation that NATO pushes.

The escalation they might have trouble with is if the US/NATO decides to deploy their own forces in the Ukraine, presumably after the fighting gets hot in Odessa and/or Kharkov. But at that point, the US is openly at war with Russia as part of their world conquest plot, and that would lead to involvement by China as well as several other parties.

It is not clear what the US is thinking.

Just as Russia’s initial plan went wrong, so did the US’ initial plan. The US initially planned to use the war as a way to collapse the economy of Russia, which would force a regime change. When this plan failed, and it became clear that Russia would not collapse, the logical thing would have been to negotiate and regroup. They could have gone for more color revolutions, they could have used more effective economic pressure, they could have rallied nations like India and Saudi. Instead, they went full-retard “endless war” mode.

It’s a mess.