Russia Takes a Cue from Ye, Refers to Itself as “Israel’s Enemy”

Ye be like

Well, folks.

My blood sure is pumping strong. Not in a thick way, like I’m going to have a heart attack, but in a swift way, like I’m ready to commit a murder or a violent sexual act.

Kanye West opened the floodgates. He let the cat out of the bag, and there is no way that cat is going back into that bag – not until some serious scores are settled. Also, not after the scores are settled either. Score-settling will be an action of the bagless cat, then he will do various other things.

Joe Biden this week announced his agenda to send trannies to die in a war against Russia. The trannies are flipping out about it.

I think trannies should be killed by Russians, but that isn’t really the point. The point is they reminded everyone that there is going to be a draft, then shifted that reminder into this stupid thing about trannies. Probably, they will either change the tranny thing or just say that women will be drafted too.

By the way, women should be drafted. It is goofy that they are going to tell us that “women are the same” but they have all these privileges. It proves that feminism is a hoax and an attack on men. I want to return to normal gender roles, but that obviously isn’t happening any time soon, and until it does, I want as many women dead as possible so they don’t cause problems for me personally. The fewer women there are alive in this country, the fewer problems I have. Specifically, I would like to see internet videos of women being killed by Russians in hilarious ways. Like, Russia should be dropping grand pianos on these sluts’ heads and chasing them down candlelit hallways until they trip and fall down the stairs.

Regardless: you’re going to die in a war against Russia to protect gay sex in Eastern Ukraine (democracy).

RT – Russian state media – had the best ever tweet about this:

It’s pretty standard – though still kind of edgy – to talk about “dying for Israel” in the Middle East. But we’re not talking about the Middle East, are we? No one thinks there’s going to be a draft to fight Syria or Iran. The draft is to fight Russia. Therefore: Russia is referring to itself as an “enemy of Israel.” It doesn’t matter what you think: that’s true.

Russia is an enemy of Israel because of their support for Syria and Iran. In a much bigger sense – which I think is what RT was referring to – they are an enemy of the Jews, generally. Israel is the Jewish home country, and all Jews support Israel, so the enemies of Jews are also enemies of Israel.

The fact that Russia is picking up on things that Kanye West said and implementing them in their message to Americans is very awesome, and a sign of what is to come. No matter what happens with Kanye – and I wish him the best, but no matter what happens – this Jew thing is here to stay as a part of the public discussion. This is what happens when someone lets a cat out of a bag.

These cats are going to be harassing the Jews like those cats in Lady and the Tramp harassed that bitch. Remember, they were getting all in her face and rubbing all up on her, scratching her and so on?

It’s gonna be like that. In fact, it already is like that. This is already happening.

Whenever any braindead normie hears something about the Jews, he’s going to remember what Kanye said. Maybe it will be subconscious, but their brains will make the connection that there is something bad with the Jews. Anyone who sees this tweet and doesn’t understand it is going to log another instance into their brain-box. Someone who doesn’t know the meaning of that tweet will think about it, because it sounds weird to someone who just believes the TV – “enemies of Israel? The Jew country? The Jews are against Russia and they want me to die fighting them? What does that mean?”

This is especially important because the government is saying that you have to go die. If someone is telling you to die, you are going to think about what that means. When it is Jews that are sending you to die, and it’s very obvious, you might ask why it is that you should be dying for the Jews. All of that “shut up, there was a Holocaust and they changed people’s eye color!” stuff will disappear very quickly when people start being shipped off to Poland to get grand pianoed by Ivan.

My new thing is: ask people what it is they like about Jews. These Jews always complain that I don’t like them, and it’s like listen, Jew, you never did anything to make me like you. Every single thing I’ve seen Jews do has been bad, and that is just a fact. What they try to do is appeal to abstractions like “stereotyping.” If you start listing off things the Jews did, someone will say “oh well, they didn’t all do those things.” It’s really just dumb – I didn’t ever say “all Jews did all those things,” I said, “all those things were done by Jews.” The number of Jews is America is similar to the number of Chinese in America. If the Chinese did all the things that Jews did that I can list off, no one is going to be saying “well, all Chinese people didn’t do all those things,” they’re going to be saying, “yeah, it sounds like something is going on with Chinese people because all these things you listed were done by Chinese people.” Furthermore, if there were Chinese controlling the media and the government saying you had to go fight in a war to die for the Chinese race, you’d say “no.”

Now is the time to really start pushing this Jew thing into the public discussion. Ye opened the gates. He let the cat out of the bag.

Now, everyone needs to keep that cat fed. We need a very fat cat.

We’re banned everywhere on the internet, so just start saying it in real life. Whenever you get the chance, just say “Kanye West is right, you know – Jews control this country, they are pushing a Jewish agenda, and they’re trying to send us all to die in a war with Russia.”

Hopefully, we’ll get back on Twitter, but if we don’t, we still need to get the message out there, and we’re going to have to get creative. More and more, various figures are going to start saying the J-word.

Things are going to start happening quickly. You’re going to see a rapid series of events, probably starting with the midterms. I’m not going to make hard predictions about events, but the war against Russia is going to escalate, as is the war against the American people. The Jews have to win both those wars. These two fronts of Jew War are very intertwined, even in ways that are not yet obvious. Russia, most likely, is going to start saying more helpful things.

Our interests overlap with Russian interests, more or less 100%. We have the same enemies, and they’re trying to do the same thing to us that they want to do to the Russians. The Russians are Christians, and they stand against the satanism of the Jewnited Snakes. This fact is already obvious to the Jews, which is why they have spent years linking the American right to Russia. This is going to escalate, and it will most likely be the basis of the mass arrests they’re going to have to do to try to keep things stable as they screw Donald Trump out of another election.

But stay calm. Keep focused on victory. Don’t think too much about mass arrests. You don’t have control over that. What you do have control over is your ability to inform people about the bagless cat that is now on the prowl – he’s looking for rats.