Russia to Fight West Within a Decade Unless Deterred by a Counter Build-Up of Armed Forces, Says Estonia

This is such stupid, kiddie bullshit.

Why would Russia want to attack the West? What purpose could it serve?

The only explanation is comic book evil. That is the logic of the entire American Empire: everything is a comic book.

And the heroes are the ones who cut boys’ dicks off and chop off the tits of teenage girls. The evil villains are the ones who worship Jesus.


Russia is preparing for a military confrontation with the West within the next decade and could be deterred by a counter build-up of armed forces, Estonia’s Foreign Intelligence Service said on Tuesday.

A growing number of Western officials have warned of a military threat from Russia to countries along the eastern flank of NATO, calling for Europe to get prepared by rearming.

The chief of the intelligence service said the assessment was based on Russian plans to double the number of forces stationed along its border with NATO members Finland and the Baltic States of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

If they even are doing a troop buildup – and they’re not – they would be doing it defensively because NATO is constantly issuing all these threats. The head of NATO recently announced he is planning a decades-long war with Russia.

“Russia has chosen a path which is a long-term confrontation … and the Kremlin is probably anticipating a possible conflict with NATO within the next decade or so,” Kaupo Rosin told reporters at the release of Estonia’s national security threats report.

A military attack by Russia is “highly unlikely” in the short term, he said, partly because Russia has to keep troops in Ukraine, and would remain unlikely if Russian buildup of forces was matched in Europe.

If we are not prepared, the likelihood (of a military Russian attack) would be much higher than without any preparation,” Rosin added.

But why would they attack?

What would be the purpose?

How can this society be so stupid that they believe that leaders of superpower nations do things just to be evil?

All evidence shows that Russians just want to be left alone. We have ridiculous people, like characters from SpongeBob, out making these statements. It’s a bunch of women.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.