Russian and Chinese Minsters of Defense Show Up in India, Denounce Analmerican Bullies

When you have the Defense Ministers of China and Russia just popping up in India to denounce America, you’re getting to the point where it is looking very much like the US is in the process of building an “Iron Curtain” around itself.

Who are their friends now?

Their only “friends” are vassal states that they defeated in the most recent big war – Europe and Japan.

What if India were to make a big announcement, of the sort that Iran and Saudi recently made?

Again, the most concerning thing about this situation is how little concern we are seeing from the Americans.


Washington is resorting to various forms of coercion as it pushes to create regional alliances aimed against its geopolitical rivals, including Moscow and Beijing, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has claimed.

He was speaking to his counterparts representing other members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) at a meeting in New Delhi. The group, which was established by Russia and China, has six other members, including India.

Unprecedented pressure is being applied to independent nations through the use of open blackmail, threats, ‘color revolutions,’ coups, and dissemination of blatant disinformation. All those tools long ago became the Western calling card,” the minister said on Friday.


And the thing is: everyone knows it and everyone also knows that the other side isn’t doing this.

I remember I read a Hudson Institute book about Chinese trade diplomacy (which falsely suggested it was related to IMF debt diplomacy) and the way nations were switching sides away from America, and they determined that they were confused as to why nations prefer alliance with the Chinese, but that all of the nations said it is because the US is dishonest, predatory, and warlike. (The way these think tank books are written, facts are always stated as “perception.”)

The goal of the US and its allies is to undermine the emerging multipolar world and preserve their dominance, according to Shoigu. Washington chose to dismantle the system of global security in pursuit of its ambition and withdrew from multiple treaties with Russia, the minister told his audience.

Shoigu said that Moscow had attempted to defuse tensions with NATO through diplomacy in 2021, but its proposals were rejected by the West, proving that it is unwilling to have a partnership of equals with Russia.

“Today, Washington and its accomplices are executing a strategic plan to provoke other nations into military confrontation with the states they don’t like, primarily Russia and China.”

Well, this is all very obvious, but it is also a very relevant message for the Indians.

The China-India border is a key “flashpoint” identified by the think tank people. There are of course several of these flashpoints.

It’s the old “China must want war – look at how close they put their country to our military bases” bit.

However, the India “flashpoint” is the only serious land border, and India is, quite frankly, the only place where Creepy Uncle Sam is going to get enough warm bodies for a serious sustained conflict.

You can believe me or not, but I can tell you as a fact that the Taiwanese are not going to be willing to do a Ukraine on China. That simply does not line up with reality.

A lot of these people in Washington, however, have been extremely hopeful that they would be able to coax India into a real conflict with China based on very old ethnic tensions. Right now, however, it looks as though there is a zero percent chance India is going to get on board with this extreme agenda, and in fact – as crazy as it might sound – it looks as though if the US chooses to press the issue, India is going to side with China.

Prime Minister Modi is a nationalist, and he is India First. Fighting a war, sending your own people to die and destroying your own country in the name of the United States’ “strategic interests” does not amount to putting your country first.

It was Modi who joined the SCO in 2017, which was in itself considered a wild move. He explained it by saying it was about terrorism.

India’s relationship with Russia is very good, and in fact, they announced strengthening military ties at this meeting.


India and Russia agreed to strengthen their defence partnership in talks between their defence ministers on Friday, the Indian government said, amid worries in New Delhi that the war in Ukraine was hurting its own military supplies from Moscow.

Rajnath Singh and Sergei Shoigu held talks on the sidelines of a Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) defence ministers’ gathering in New Delhi.

“They acknowledged the unique, long-lasting and time-tested relationship between India and Russia,” the statement said.

They “expressed satisfaction over the continued trust and mutual respect between the two countries, particularly in defence and reiterated their commitment towards strengthening the partnership,” it said, without elaborating.

Again, what this sounds like is that India has already chosen its side in World War III, if it fact such a war is to occur. India is probably pretty far from committing to aiding Russia in the Ukraine – whereas it actually looks like China has agreed to do that if necessary – but Russia is at war with NATO and India is doing public announcements on the strength of their military alliance.

Finally, I just want to note: an announcement of a China-brokered peace deal between India and Pakistan would be in no way more unexpected than the announcement of a China-brokered peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Right now, Pakistan’s problem is that their leader is not in charge of their country, and they are under a sort of half-occupation by the United States.

But it was announced today that they’re letting Imran Khan out on bail. So, that’s a step in the right direction.

He’s still being charged with mutiny, which I believe relates to a drunken incident on Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s yacht.