Russian Jew Treasury Secretary Makes Plea for Ukraine War Money

Still bullish on insulting Jews with AI rat images. No end in sight on this one.

Why is the Treasury Secretary constantly commenting on wars? Isn’t this the business of Congress?

Has this ever happened before, where war policy was being declared by the Secretary of Treasury?

Is this because she’s a Russian Jew?


The US will bear the blame should Ukraine be defeated on the battlefield if additional aid isn’t approved by Congress, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Tuesday. The American funds are “utterly essential” to Kiev, Yellen told the press while on a visit to Mexico City.  

US lawmakers have been debating a $111 billion supplemental spending package that would include $61 billion for Kiev, along with funding for Israel, Taiwan, and US border security. The latest proposal was unveiled by Democrats on Tuesday.

Yellen said she had talked to lawmakers, and they understand “that this is a dire situation and we can hold ourselves responsible for Ukraine’s defeat if we don’t manage to get this funding to Ukraine that’s needed, and I’m including direct budget support here because that’s utterly essential.”

The delay of US war funding exposes Kiev to a “big risk to lose this war,” President Vladimir Zelensky’s chief of staff, Andrey Yermak, warned at the US Institute of Peace this week.


The war is already over.

There are some Jews, like apparently Yellen, whose identity is more rooted in hatred for Russia than it is in protection of Israel, but these Jews are a minority (or at least a minority in power).

Just so you understand: Yellen is speaking to other Jews here. She is not thinking along the current Jewish lines of “everything for Israel” and is instead imagining that the Ukraine funding (and in particular, weapons shipments) don’t take away from Israel or are more important than shipments to Israel.

But the consensus is obviously set: Israel is top priority.

If the Ukraine was going to get the money, they already would have.

There will likely be some kind of package, at some point, that will be aimed at making the surrender less humiliating, but the surrender has basically already happened. When the bill was held up the second time, it was clear it just wasn’t happening.