Russian Liberal Party Now has 0% Support

Now that it’s understood by all Russians that Westerners are trying to literally exterminate them, there isn’t really any room left for a liberal party.


Yabloko, the Russian liberal party founded in 1993 by economist Grigory Yavlinsky, no longer has any support in Russian society, according to a recent public opinion survey.

While the party’s rating has fluctuated between one and two percent in recent years, it has now dropped to zero for the first time ever, according to the poll by the Public Opinion Foundation (FOM), published on Monday.

Yavlinsky’s vision for a liberal democracy is now less popular than the Green Party or the Russian Pensioners for Social Justice, according to the FOM survey.

The pollster monitors the popularity of Russian parties on a daily basis. The latest survey was carried out on May 17-19 and asked a representative sample of adult Russians who they would vote for if the general elections were held next Sunday.

Born in Lviv, in present-day Ukraine, Yavlinsky was a senior figure in the Soviet ministry of labor when he wrote ‘500 Days,’ a 1990 blueprint for the USSR’s rapid transition to a free-market economy. He was an outspoken critic of the “shock therapy” transition, embraced by Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Yegor Gaidar in 1992, which wrecked the economy and made it easy prey for foreign investors and domestic tycoons.

It’s quite confusing what exactly the US was thinking when they started attacking Russians as people, promoting among the Ukrainians the idea that they are “subhuman.” (Seriously, if you look at the Ukraine government propaganda, they speak about Russians like Jews talk about Palestinians.)

The most logical thing for the US to do would be to push for a color revolution in Russia. They sort of set that up with Navalny, and then when the invasion happened, they started just promoting this super hateful “kill all the Russian animals” type material.

When Navalny still had supporters, they were saying that the stuff the Ukrainians were saying was going to make an alliance with the West impossible, and basically ensured the eternal rule of Putin.

The West can still promote Islamic revolution in Russia. But if that was the plan, they never should have done that mall terror attack.

Or I guess maybe they did the mall terror attack to provoke the Russian government into cracking down on Moslems which will then allow them to sell a revolution to the Moslems?