RT Publishes Op-Ed Calling for Russia to Drop a Nuke

RT’s news articles are always factual.

I see people say “RT is Russian state media, of course they lie!”

And I’m like “bro, then point to the lie.”

I can point to a million places where US state media made up stories whole cloth.

I could make a list, but just as an obvious example that just came to my mind: remember when the New York Times claimed that Russia was putting bounties on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan?

You can still go read the story on their site, and there is no retraction at the top, even though they eventually admitted they made it up. (People might take issue with “admitted they made it up.” Of course they said “our sources turned out to be bad” or whatever bullshit. But there were no sources. There are never any sources. The State Department just tells them what to publish. I mean, I guess that’s a “source,” but not in the sense that they claim, where they say there are insiders who leak them information. The State Department just sends them entire stories they want printed and the Times prints them. It is state media, and really absurd state media, both because it lies about being state media and because it has no independence at all. Even the BBC has some type of legalisms that separate it from the government in some way and provide a little bit of independence, at least in theory. The Times does not even have theoretical independence.)

They just totally made that up, whole cloth, and it was proved to be false pretty quickly.

Show me one single analogous situation with RT.

There isn’t one.

I’m a Russian shill, okay. Everyone knows that. But I care more about the truth than I care about shilling for Russia. I would tell you if RT was lying about something.

That having been said, RT sometimes publishes wild op-eds by weird Westerners, many of which I do not endorse. I have found factual inaccuracies in these several times. But an op-ed is not something endorsed by the publisher. An op-ed says “these are the opinions of the author alone.”

But printing an op-ed calling for Russia to drop a nuke is hilarious.