Sadistic Neocon Paul Joseph Watson Continues to Shill for CIA in Hong Kong, Doesn’t Mention Syria

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2019

My first experience with “redpill” type material was listening to Alex Jones on shortwave radio in 1999. This was before you could effectively stream radio online given that we were still dealing with dial-up modems in most cases.

A lot of what Jones was talking about turned out to be hysterical or wrong, of course, but you must understand that in the days before the internet, no one knew about anything.

This was the year he released “Police State 2000” (which I would not see until several years later when the internet speeds were better), just so you can get an idea of what material was being dealt with.

It was libertarianism, but it was also uniquely aggressive in its critique of basically all established reality.

The following year, Jones snuck into Bohemian Grove and recorded a weird ritual that the elite was involved in.

So what he was promoting was a world where everything was the result of a massive world conspiracy. He didn’t say the word “Jew,” but the level of paranoia involved here simply cannot be overstated.

Jones was promoting the idea that the world was ruled by a secret network of satanic pedophile cults, two decades ago.

At the time that Jones snuck in, he was being filmed by a British Jew, Jon Ronson, for a documentary series entitled “Secret Rulers of the World.”

Paul Joseph Watson cites that documentary, which he watched at the age of 18 (he is only two years older than me), as being what drove him to contact Jones about employment.

Watson ran until earlier this year, when he quit following Alex being banned from everything.

Watson has proceeded to behave in such a way as to make you wonder if he himself is not involved in satanic pedophile rituals. And I wouldn’t be surprised to find he is. He is a homosexual, and on a sexual scale of 1 to 10, if a Christian couple that married immediately after high school and have only ever had normal sex with one another is a 1 and satanic ritual pedophilia is a 10, then any form of male homosexual sodomy is a 9. My hyperbole level is zero.

He has completely sold out everything that Alex Jones stands for – or, his entire life’s work – and gone full neocon, pushing for a CIA coup in Hong Kong. Fomenting civil unrest and war in China has become his entire purpose. And he shamelessly uses the exact same language as the left, in a way that is as staggering as Michael Jackson showing up on TV as a white guy.

Watson is a homosexual, and his loyalty is to the cult of the anus, period.

When formulating this piece in my mind while taking a walk this morning, I was going to say that Hong Kong is “the one thing that the elite and media are more unified on than Syria.” I was going to go to Paul Joseph Watson’s Twitter, and show that he was supportive of President Trump’s pullout of Syria, but still supporting war against China.

However, when I ctrl+f’d his Twitter feed…

…those three mentions were all in relation to a Syrian refugee committing terrorism in Germany earlier today.

Because the sadistic homosexual Watson doesn’t want Moslems in Europe hunting faggots, but he’d be fine with a massive refugee crisis involving chink twinks fleeing the brutal oppression of the patriarchy.

Hong Kong and Taiwan are the only places in China that allow analism.

There is not a single tweet about the Trump troop pullout.




Even as it is the top story on every news site.

Meanwhile, since Trump announced the pullout Monday, he has continued to tweet nonstop in support of a neocon color revolution against China.

Yes, goyim.

What you were actually supporting when you thought you were supporting some kind of resurrection of traditional Christian values against feminism and Islam was actually largely a movement of homosexuals who are concerned about spreading homosexuality across the planet while protecting themselves from Moslems at home.

Many of the faces of the Alt-Lite are homosexual, including Watson, MILO, Lucian Wintrich, Richard Spencer and those two queers who worked for Lauren Southern and robbed Tommy Robinson while he was in prison. But probably the bigger issue is that it has been organized and funded by Jeff Giesa, a wealthy homosexual who is on the record backing most of these people.

Along with opposing Islamic immigration for the obvious reasons…

…these homosexuals are able to speak about feminism because as men who are not attracted to women, it is very easy for them to dispassionately observe the behavior of women and the response of heterosexual men to this behavior and dispassionately comment on it.

That is something we should understand about the women issue – it was never complicated or confusing, it is simply that most men are emotionally incapable of dealing with the reality of the situation, given that they have an instinct to defend and protect women, including a desire to pretend that they are fundamentally virtuous and that any corruption of them is the result of “bad men.”

The exposition on feminism was the hook to bring you into their gay lair.

Stefan Molyneux also recently observed that Ben Shapiro uses this same hook to get you to fight for Israel.

It’s an easy tool for these people to use.

Here’s what the Homo Kongese were doing while Watson was tweeting about how peaceful and oppressed the poor little dears are:

These CIA people are antifa, they are homosexuals, they are sickos.

That is what the CIA represents, that is what Paul Joseph Watson represents.

We need a movement based on Christian anti-Semitism.

Not everyone has to be a practicing Christian or even believe in the religion, but they need to accept that it is the basis for our civilization and that deviant sexuality, whether it be female liberation or sodomy, have no place in any Western nation.

Eve was the first sinner and our first sin was letting women participate in public life.

Homosexualism is something so sick and deranged that I cannot even believe we’re having a discussion about “should we throw them off the roof?”