Salvini Makes Fun of Pedo Pope, Proves Other Catholics Can Too!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2020

It is almost as if you can be pro-family and a lady’s man. You can also be a devout Christian and a right-wing populist politician. It also turns out you can be a Catholic and make fun of the Pope.

I finally have proof because Matteo Salvini is living proof of all of this.

But do other Catholics know the good news? I feel like they might not. We should consider sending a memo around. Maybe someone knows an e-mail list or a group chat or something. Because the way these people close ranks around the Pope even though they don’t like him, you get the impression that they think they’re supposed to like the guy or go to hell.


The head of the Italian League party, Matteo Salvini, has playfully mocked the Pope’s viral New Year’s handshake faux pas with a tongue-in-cheek recreation, spreading mirth online to wrap up the festive season.

Pope Francis would clearly have rathered a different end to 2019 but was instead embroiled in a controversy, albeit minor, on December 31, when he appeared to slap away a rather overly enthusiastic fan, something for which he later apologized.

Too late. The mask slipped. Now the trolling begins:

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Strattonato da fan agitata ❤️

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Humor and mockery is a powerful weapon.

Salvini posted his own parody version of the incident on his social media channels, which has been viewed over 600,000 on Instagram alone.

The former Italian minister of the interior appears walking nonchalantly before being accosted by an adoring but “agitated fan” (his girlfriend, Francesca Verdini). He draws back as if to strike her before gently caressing her cheek instead, as the pair burst out laughing.

He is a great role model for young men in many different spheres of life. His approach to women, populism and religion – I like everything that this guy brings to the table.

It’s a shame that the other parties Judas’d Salvini in the last Italian election and decided to turn Italy black.

You’d think that they’d prefer not to have infinity niggers flooding into Italy non-stop… but you’d be wrong.

At least you have Salvini bullyciding the Pope on Instagram now. Every God-fearing Catholic should start doing the same. It’s beyond belief that they’re just accepting the takeover of their Church like this lying down.

By a slap-slap-slappy faggot who approves of gays, atheism and Islam.