San Francisco: Brutal Militarized Cops Arrest 70 Anti-Genocide Activists at Israeli Consulate

The Jewish plan appears to be:

  • Never even try to explain why the American government is obsessed with funding a completely inexplicable genocide in Gaza
  • Send the cops in to beat the shit out of anyone who questions the Jews, while also doxing them and claiming that they’ll never be able to work in any industry because Jews control all industries in America
  • (There is no third step)

Does this seem like it’s going to work?

Because to me it seems a bit… sloppy?

Like as if this is really just going to rapidly intensify antisemitism?

Is anyone else getting that impression?

Does anyone else see that this is already happening?


San Francisco police arrested 70 pro-Palestinian demonstrators on trespassing charges on Monday after they entered the lobby of the building housing the Israeli consulate and refused to leave, police said.

“Officers developed probable cause to arrest 70 suspects who refused to vacate the building,” police said in a statement. No injuries were reported.

A group called the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network said on Instagram that 100 people had participated in the protest. The network, which says its membership is Jewish, posted images of banners they hung such as, “Committing a genocide makes Jews less safe; Not in my name!

I think Israel is basically screwed. Making all of these martyrs out of idealistic college kids is just a terrible strategy.

They can keep saying “yeah but there are Jews at the protests too…!”

But virtually all Israelis who do not have a relative who is a Hamas hostage support the Gaza operation.

And Jews have been saying for 80 years that Israel is Jews and Jews are Israel. They’ve drilled it into everyone’s heads that there is literally no difference between the two. And they are continuing on with that line.

Finally, Bernie Sanders is out there calling out Bibi. It took him long enough. Then of course you have Glenn Greenwald and Norman Finkelstein and Jeffrey Sachs (all of whom I genuinely love and do not want to gas), but they are these extreme outliers. They are exceptions that prove the rule. 99.99% of Jews are Gaza genocide supporters.

Frankly, although with people like the three I just mentioned, I do think they are honest Jews who are saying what they believe. But with these “Jews against Zionism” protest networks? Honestly, I think this is a psy-op. I think the Jews are organizing fake protest groups to try to make it look like “Judaism does not equal Zionism.”

This “Jews against Zionism” thing gets into the same territory as “immigrants are 85 times more likely than Germans to commit gang rape.” We are supposed to believe that one in every 85 gang-rapists is a German. Do you believe that? Does that make any sense at all?

Right now, the anti-Israel protesters are going along with the idea that they are standing with “anti-Zionist Jews” against Israel. But I think very soon, these “anti-Zionist Jews” are going to start doing some weird shit, and this “anti-Zionist” movement is going to make a Voltron-like transformation into an anti-Jewish movement.

What the Jews are doing is turning the left – which is their own creation – into an antisemitic mob.