San Francisco Now a Zombie Apocalypse Dystopia, Residents Say

These people apparently wanted this.

I don’t know why they wanted it, but I’m not them.

New York Post:

San Francisco residents and business owners told Fox News Digital that the city has changed in recent years, with many giving personal stories of drug addicts laid out on the streets and violent assaults.

One resident, Seema Gokhale, who lives near the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco and has been the city for almost a decade, described life there as “post-apocalyptic.”

It honestly feels like I’m in a place that’s been in a zombie apocalypse. It’s like a dystopia. It really feels like a dystopian reality right now where I see boarded up storefronts. I see people defecating on the streets,” Gokhale said.

A newly released report out of the San Francisco Controller’s office found nearly half of the city’s commercial sidewalks had feces on them in 2021 and into 2022.

“I walk by people regularly and it feels horrible,” Gokhale said, because drug addicts have “needle tracks all over their arms and legs and toes. I see people with rotting limbs because they’re living on the streets.”

Gokhale, who is part of the D5 Coalition, said she is “trying to improve conditions in District Five, which includes the Tenderloin, Hayes Valley, the Fillmore District and parts of Alamo.”

She said that what has happened to her city and to the community she lives in is “horrifying.”

It really feels post-apocalyptic. Something needs to be done. We have to make this a livable place. I describe it as a hellhole right now. If I wasn’t a homeowner and hadn’t grown up in the area and there wasn’t a strong job market in the area, I would leave,” Gokhale said.

Tom Wong is a business owner whose parents left China to escape communism.

He owns a security business that is based in San Francisco and says he has trouble recognizing the city that he grew up in.

It went from a family-friendly city to just rampant robbery, theft, assault. It is lawlessness out there and there’s a lot of homelessness.”

Wong said that people in general are demoralized in San Francisco but that the Asian community especially is moving closer to the center politically because they don’t feel heard by the local government.

“The mindset is changing for the Asian community there. They’re probably realizing that the leftist [policies] are not working and it’s eroding away family values,” like the importance of education, Wong explained.

Yeah, I’m sure Asians don’t like it.

I think the gays probably like it.

Women might not like it, but they supported it because it made them feel good.

It’s a real shame.

It used to be a very nice city.