Satanic Jews Also Slaughtering Zoo Animals in Gaza Massacre

Daily Stormer
August 19, 2014

If you can think of some evil thing, you can guarantee there is a Jew somewhere either doing it or trying to figure out a way to do it. It really doesn’t matter what it is.


The sights at the Gaza zoo couldn’t be sadder.

In a tiny cage, a baboon sits, picking seeds off the floor, desperately eating whatever he can find. Next to the baboon, the carcass of his mate and five offspring lay in the pen, decomposing in the August heat.

“Eight to 10 monkeys were killed,” says Abu Sameer, the zoo’s chief veterinarian. “Also a peacock, a gazelle, a lion, and a fox.”

The carcasses of dead animals, mostly monkeys, lay scattered across the scorched grass between the pens. In one of the cages, a dead peacock lays in front of two hungry lions. In another, a crocodile lounges in the hot sun; there is almost no water in the enclosure, which also holds a pelican and a duck.

The zoo, part of the Al-Bisan recreational park in Jabalya, northern Gaza, was hit multiple times during the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas militants.

Many of the animals seem weak and traumatized. Staff members say that on top of the injuries some of the animals sustained during the violence, many also have not eaten in days because the zoo lacks funds to buy food, and they’re getting virtually no assistance.

“The situation is very bad,” said Sameer. “We can’t get the animals out to clean the cages. Many of them are getting sick because they are weak and it is dirty. But we don’t have any alternative places.”

The situation is most dire for the lions, according to Sameer. One was killed during the conflict and three remain in the zoo. Sameer says he does not have the funds to buy them the meat they need.