Satanic Temple Leader Facing Backlash for Not Being Gay Enough

To be fair, a real satanist would be really, really gay.

This guy is just a twerp who is mad at his parents. He doesn’t suck dick and he doesn’t cut his dick off.

New York Post:

The Satanic Temple’s foremost spokesman has reportedly faced internal backlash after he posed for a photograph with an atheist activist who condemned “crazy woke sh—t” among LGBTQ+ activism.

The Satanic Temple (TST) co-founder and spokesperson Lucien Greaves has a history as a provocateur against Christianity in public life, but now is reportedly facing uproar from members of his own religion.

Lucien Greaves

In June, Greaves had appeared in a photo with former American Atheists president David Silverman, who thanked him in a tweet for a “great tour” and declared, “Great to see you again and thanks as always for your activism!”

“[I]n the small world of radical atheist activism, the image was instantly divisive,” The Atlantic’s Helen Lewis reported in a piece about TST’s leadership feud.

“Silverman had been pushed out of American Atheists several years earlier amid accusations of sexual misconduct, which he denied, and he had drawn criticism more recently for arguing that it wasn’t transphobic to say, in reference to transgender rights, ‘[live] your life as you see fit, but stay out of women’s showers and don’t groom kids.’

Yeah, for sure you’re not allowed to say that.

You haven’t been allowed to say that since like, mid-2020.

If you’re Jewish, you can probably avoid getting totally life-ruined (as Silverman has), but you’re still going to get kicked out of things.

Silverman, who frequently shares posts from trans ideology-skeptic organization Gays Against Groomers and whose current bio describes him as “Ex-Left ex-woke,” responded to the backlash at the time by arguing, “Lol. I’ve been a civil rights activist in support of trans people for 25 years, since before anyone was looking. I also love my trans kid unconditionally.”

Silverman went on to say, with ostensible sarcasm, “But sure. I disagree with some of the more crazy woke sh– so I’m in the same category as those who throw trans kids out. Maybe read a book and do some research.”

Literally “read a book.”

“Many Satanic Temple members objected to their leader posing with such a figure,” Lewis at the Atlantic reported.

“People immediately hated on me, but they had no idea why,” Silverman told Lewis via email. “They just knew I was an outsider and therefore a hateful, anti-trans, evil person, and Lucien was guilty for knowing me.”

Meanwhile, Greaves reportedly dismissed the backlash and downplayed his relationship with Silverman, arguing he could not vet every person who wanted a photo taken with him.

The discontent with that response quickly spread into a full-blown Satanic schism. There were calls for Greaves to apologize, to cede power, to reaffirm his support for trans rights,” Lewis reported.

Yet even so, Lewis noted that Greaves refused to condemn Silverman and objected to the demand itself, “I have no interest in re-litigating the transgressions of somebody I now understand to be entirely and effectively canceled,” he wrote. “One does not look upon the barbarity of medieval torture devices and ask, but were those who were subjected to this guilty?

It must be frustrating to be a millennial faggot who tried to do the most anti-social thing possible as a teenager, only to have wayyyyyy more anti-social people take over society completely and then condemn you for not being anti-social enough.

I remember guys who would talk about “satanism” when I was in high school. This was very edgy in the 1990s. But they were really just doing it because they were losers who were mad at their boomer parents, and this was a way to get laid.

It was sort of “gay is cool,” but only in a rebellious way – not in a literal gross tranny way. Everything was supposed to be edgy and cool, not sickening and weird.

Some of them were fat mutants but had hot goth girlfriends because they were so rebellious. So, so very rebellious.

Well – not anymore.

Now it’s “cut your dick off or else.”


Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.