Ben Shapiro Goes Ape, Posts Picture of Alleged Burned Baby as Proof of 40 Decapitated Babies

[WARNING: Sort of Graphic (I Guess)]

Nearly 100 years ago, Jews claimed that people were drowning their babies in buckets

Yesterday, there was a big back-and-forth on the internet regarding the allegations by the Jews that Hamas had “decapitated 40 babies.”

The Jew journalist who originally came up with the claim said that anyone who wants proof is evil, and that good people will just trust that she saw it with her own eyes (but didn’t take any pictures).

See: Israeli Journalist Who Came Up with “40 Beheaded Babies” Story Lashes Out Against People Wanting Proof

Some people, even after being informed that they are evil if they don’t believe it, still refused to believe it. (They are so evil that even when you tell them “you are evil,” they don’t care.)

During this kerfuffle, Ben Shapiro – good old Benny – decided to post a picture of a burned baby (as proof of 40 decapitated babies). In the tweet, he also justified a coming genocide in Gaza.

It’s a very strange response.

Very strange.

Apparently, Ben thought the picture would be so shocking that everyone would just shut up. Unfortunately, this is the internet, 2023, and that sort of shit doesn’t work.

I liked this guy’s reply:

No one was claiming that “a baby burned up.” Probably, no one was making that claim because it wouldn’t really mean anything at all. We’ve all seen decades of child gore photos from Palestine, most of them from bombings.

This has been going on for nearly 80 years. It didn’t start this week. A lot has happened.

Yes, babies can die in bombings. That is very, very different than beheading 40 babies. I don’t think I need to explain what the difference is.

One difference would be that it would be an escalation. I don’t think the Jews have ever been caught decapitating a single Arab baby, let alone 40 0f them. Jews have certainly killed a lot of babies in bombings and shellings, meaning that this picture that Ben showed has no meaning at all.

Obviously, a lot more Palestinian children are going to die in the bombardment of Gaza and the rest of the places Israel are planning on attacking. Everyone knows that. It happens in all wars, but Israel is known for being uniquely indiscriminate, as they view civilian deaths as useful.

This “40 decapitated babies” thing is insane. It’s so sloppy. They used to have to plan these atrocity hoaxes with actors and crap.

Remember that?

Now it’s just “well, this one Jew woman said it, so it’s a fact, and if you don’t believe it, you’re evil incarnate.”