Science Creating Mutant Chickens to Stop Viruses

We had to stop doing everything to stop viruses in order to start doing everything to stop Russia.

We might soon have to do everything to stop Moslems.

Or… maybe we’ll go back to the virus thing?

Whatever it is, it’s gonna be big.

The Guardian:

Scientists have created the world’s first flu-resistant chickens in an advance that could pave the way for gene-edited poultry on UK farms.

The birds, which had small alterations to one gene, were highly resistant to avian flu, with nine in 10 birds showing no signs of infection when exposed to a typical dose of the virus.

However, infections were not completely blocked, and scientists say this would have to be achieved before genetically engineered chickens could be introduced to farms, due to the risk of the virus evolving to become more dangerous to humans.

Prof Wendy Barclay, of Imperial College London, a co-author of the study, which is published in Nature Communications, said: “Under natural doses our gene-edited chickens really seemed to be resistant, but when we took a very high dose, we did see in half of the chickens a breakthrough infection.

“This showed us a proof of concept that we can move towards making chickens resistant to the virus but we’re not there yet.”

Vaccinating birds is expensive and of limited effectiveness due to the rapid evolution of the flu virus. Tighter biosecurity measures, such as keeping chickens indoors, affect animal welfare.

McGrew said: “Gene-editing offers a promising route towards permanent disease resistance, which could be passed down through generations, protecting poultry and reducing the risks to humans and wild birds.”

Will it also mutate human genes, I wonder?

You would think so…