Seattle Schools Sue Social Media Companies for Ruining Kids’ Mental Health

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It’s interesting that the same schools pushing trannyism on kids are also now claiming TikTok is bad for their mental health.

It’s obvious that social media is cancer for kids, and kids should not even be legally allowed to own cellphones. But the reality is, this is nothing compared to the tranny agenda.


The public school district in Seattle has filed a novel lawsuit against the tech giants behind TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat, seeking to hold them accountable for the mental health crisis among youth.

Seattle Public Schools filed the lawsuit Friday in U.S. District Court. The 91-page complaint says the social media companies have created a public nuisance by targeting their products to children.

It blames them for worsening mental health and behavioral disorders including anxiety, depression, disordered eating and cyberbullying; making it more difficult to educate students; and forcing schools to take steps such as hiring additional mental health professionals, developing lesson plans about the effects of social media, and providing additional training to teachers.

“Defendants have successfully exploited the vulnerable brains of youth, hooking tens of millions of students across the country into positive feedback loops of excessive use and abuse of Defendants’ social media platforms,” the complaint said. “Worse, the content Defendants curate and direct to youth is too often harmful and exploitive ….”

Meta, Google, Snap and TikTok did not immediately respond to requests for comment Saturday.

Internal studies revealed by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen in 2021 showed that the company knew that Instagram negatively affected teenagers by harming their body image and making eating disorders and thoughts of suicide worse. She alleged that the platform prioritized profits over safety and hid its own research from investors and the public.

Kids are effectively “logging out” of reality itself.

Only 5% of teens do not use social media.


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