Second Person in a Row “Naturally Cures” Supposed “HIV Infection” – Is HIV Even Real?

The first person known to naturally cure their HIV was found last August, now the second one has been found. In both cases, they have never taken any drug to fight the alleged virus.

Daily Mail:

The second-known person to naturally cure their HIV infection has been discovered by scientists in Argentina, raising hopes for a future cure.

The Argentinian woman in her thirties, from the city of Esperanza, was found to have no disease-causing or ‘intact’ virus, eight years after being diagnosed.

A group of Harvard-based scientists announced the discovery yesterday at a major international meeting of HIV experts.

Known only as the ‘Esperanza patient’, she is the second person to be found to have no intact virus. The first — Loreen Willenberg, 67, from San Francisco — was found in August.

‘Finding one patient with this natural ability for functional cure [no virus that can reproduce] is good, but finding two means so much more,’ said Dr Natalia Laufer, the patient’s doctor and an HIV researcher in Buenos Aires, according to The Times.

‘It means there must be more people like this out there,’ she said. ‘This is a significant leap forward in the world of HIV cure research. Upon diagnosis, her tests surprised us all.’

The patient — whose ex-boyfriend died of AIDS — was diagnosed with HIV in 2013.

Her current boyfriend and newborn baby are both HIV negative, Dr Laufer said, who called her a ‘healthy, athletic and beautiful woman’.

The two women — the Esperanza Patient and Willenberg — are extreme examples of a rare group of people known as elite controllers, who have never taken antiretroviral therapy to fight the virus, and who show no signs of the virus in their blood.

Just like with coronavirus, we have no real way of knowing if the testing is rigged.

We do know that HIV testing, like coronavirus testing, doesn’t “test for the virus,” but instead tests for antibodies that the virus allegedly causes the body to produce.

There are a lot of similarities here.

The theory that “HIV causes AIDS” is still a theory, and after decades, none of the predictions of the theory have proved true. It is still only homosexuals and intravenous drug users, on the whole, who are dying from supposed HIV-AIDS. It is incredibly strange that this virus only infects those groups.

With coronavirus, they’re blaming the virus for the deaths of people who were going to die anyway from something else. This pandemic is not really increasing the total deaths, so the vaccination program is obviously not intended to be a public health measure but some kind of sinister experiment.

Bill Gates was heavily involved in the HIV movement.

He now says that HIV “prepared us to tackle coronavirus.”

Gates’ current sidekick, Anthony Fauci, was the main government frontman for the HIV-AIDS theory.

This little goblin repeatedly claimed that AIDS had no relationship to homosexuality.

When AIDS first appeared, it was called GRIDS – “Gay-Related Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome.”

Many people disagreed with the HIV theory, saying that the reason gay people’s immune systems collapse is related to their behavior, which includes not only anal sex, but sticking many other things into the anus. This causes problems with the gut bacteria. They also use a lot of drugs, including amphetamine.

What’s more – and this is a big one – they get normal STDs that we all know about, primarily Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, every week or every month, and take antibiotics for it. No one has ever taken that many antibiotics, and no one knows what the long term effects of this are, but it sure does make sense it would affect your immune system.

Irony of ironies, the PCR test was invented by a guy named Kary Mullis, who was an “AIDS denialist.” He won a Nobel Prize for the PCR, then was written off as a lunatic for not believing in several mainstream hoaxes, including global warming.

This is from his Wikipedia:

A New York Times article listed Mullis as one of several scientists who, after success in their area of research, go on to make unfounded, sometimes bizarre statements in other areas. In his 1998 humorous autobiography proclaiming his maverick viewpoint, Mullis expressed disagreement with the scientific evidence supporting climate change and ozone depletion, the evidence that HIV causes AIDS, and asserted his belief in astrology. Mullis claimed climate change and HIV/AIDS theories were promulgated as a form of racketeering by environmentalists, government agencies, and scientists attempting to preserve their careers and earn money, rather than scientific evidence. The medical and scientific consensus considers these hypotheses as pseudoscience[citation needed], HIV having been conclusively proven to be the cause of AIDS and global warming strongly shown to be caused by human activities.

Mullis wrote that he began to question the AIDS consensus while writing a NIH grant progress report and being unable to find a peer-reviewed reference that HIV was the cause of AIDS. He published an alternative theory of AIDS in 1994, and questioned the scientific validity of the link between HIV and AIDS, leading some to label him an “AIDS denialist.” Mullis has been criticized for his association with HIV skeptic Peter Duesberg, claiming that AIDS is an arbitrary diagnosis used when HIV antibodies are found in a patient’s blood.

It is absolutely arbitrary. All you have to do to “cure AIDS,” as the person in the headline did, is test negative for the antibodies.

Mullis died in 2019, unfortunately. There has been fake news going around that he tried to debate Fauci on the coronavirus, and this is obviously not true, as he was already dead.

However, what the fact-checkers don’t tell you is that he did actually say he wanted to debate Fauci – during the time when Fauci was promoting HIV.

There’s video of it.

It’s a bit like the guy who won the Noble Prize for discovering the DNA double helix, James Watson, saying that black people have low IQs.

Virtually every single one of the major “scientific” proclamations, from peak oil to global warming, to HIV-AIDS and the coronavirus, to black holes and dark matter, to “race is a social construct,” are enshrined in academia, and you’re not allowed to question them. This isn’t “science.” Science is the process of questioning. It’s not about consensus-building, and it certainly is not political.

People should be careful not to just believe anything they see or read – if it’s from the media or if it’s from a “conspiracy theorist.” Certainly, some conspiracy theories are wrong, just as some mainstream consensuses are wrong. But people should also be critical, and consider anything they hear.

The HIV-AIDS predictions were just as wrong as the global warming predictions.

For anyone who wants to know more, the “AIDS denialist” documentary “House of Numbers” is very good.

Of course, after you watch that, you can watch someone debunking it, and draw your own conclusions.

But whether you believe in HIV-AIDS or not, you will, if you are open minded, ultimately come to the conclusion that we live under a neo-religious dogma that they call “science.”

Imagine that the average person believes in “black holes” AND “transgenderism.”