Secret CCP (Communist Regime) Police Station in NYC Busted by Feds was Renewing Drivers’ Licenses of Pure Evil

To be fair, this was the guy running the secret evil communist DMV

The secret CCP communist party autocratic regime police station busted by the feds in New York City, it turns out, was not a secret and was actually a publicly advertised spot to… renew your driver’s license.

It’s really fantastical that the Merrick Garfield DOJ is engaging in these bizarre harassment stunts of rando Chinamen and then feeding it to the state media to present it as if the CCP is running a state within a state in America through license renewal schemes.

It doesn’t make strategic sense to constantly harass random Chinese people, as that creates a tit-for-tat inside China that makes it impossible for actual US spies to operate. China is just going to start mass deporting all of these English teachers/translators/advisors who are working as CIA spies.

It only makes sense in terms of domestic propaganda, and I’m not really even sure that is necessary. China has made zero real attempt to counter any narrative about them in English, so basically, every American is already ready for war with China.

And by the way – the US government is now confirming they are planning a war with China. They’re just working out the details.

They’re going to have a war in Taiwan, which literally does not make any sense at all, because China can just blockade the island and it is impossible for the US to get resources in, even if there were Taiwanese willing to fight their brothers in the name of gay marriage, which is highly doubtful in the first place.

If none of this seems to make sense, it’s because it does not make sense.

The people running things have lost their minds. They are not acting in rational self-interest, meaning that their actions are impossible to predict.

The situation is too far gone economically. The US burned itself to the ground, turned itself into this:

And then the trannies and the drugs and everything else. They literally turned over all their industry to China. They are simply not in a position to fight a war with anyone. They lost to Afghanistan.

They’ve turned their entire war machine on Russia, and they can’t even manage a stalemate.

Russia, like China, has real wealth. Russia can hold out. I’ve said since this China mania really started going psycho that they are going to have to ditch the Russia thing to start a war in Taiwan, and what is that going to do for morale? If any bit of this support was pulled, Russia is going to steamroll Kiev and force a big public surrender event. Zelensky isn’t going to kill himself in a bunker, I can tell you that. I guess he’ll probably flee (although that won’t exactly be pro-morale), but the entire Ukraine military is going to have to do this big surrender ritual and then submit to some pro-Russian suzerain.

At what point do European states start breaking off?

Look at what Macron has been saying, let alone Orban. When do you get revolutions in Italy, Greece, and Spain?

The fear, apparently, is that China is preparing to commit to the Ukraine. I don’t even know if that is a fear or just something they know from intelligence. And then their plan is to try to prevent that by faking like they’re going to attack Taiwan?

The China-Russia military alliance is extremely powerful, and they now have virtually the entire Third World’s resource base behind them. The most logical thing for the US to do at this point is to just surrender. That or get some kind of ultra-nationalist Hitler type figure a la Donald Trump to do some rapid rebuilding of the country, but these people are entirely fixated on ideology, which is the whole reason they’re doing this whole “world conquest” thing in the first place.

Here’s the only thing that makes sense: Jews in Silicon Valley are telling the entire government that they are on the verge of birthing a godlike artificial intelligence that will solve all of these problems.

Do they have a reason to be bluffing?

Could any of these boomers running the military and the DOJ tell the difference?