1965 Immigration Law Co-Sponsor Eugene McCarthy’s Awakening to the Threat of Immigration

Dr. Patrick Slattery Occidental Observer October 22, 2015 Recently I was going through some books when I came across my autographed copy of the late Senator Eugene McCarthy’s 1992 book “A Colony of the World: The United States Today.” McCarthy is best remembered for his 1968 Democratic primary challenge to President Johnson that caused Johnson to abandon his campaign for …

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The Paranoid German Mind: Counting Down to the Next War

Tom Sunic Occidental Observer September 28, 2015 Having lost, during and after World War II, over 9 million of its soldiers and civilians, Germany has had to wallow in expiation and self-abnegation.  Its present grotesque multicultural policy of Willkomenskultur (“welcoming culture” toward non-European migrants), openly heralded by Chancellor Angela Merkel and her government, is the direct result of the lost …

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On Contemporary Opera and Wagner’s ‘Jewry in Music’

Andrew Joyce Occidental Observer September 27, 2015 This month marks the 165th anniversary of the publication of Richard Wagner’s landmark essay ‘Das Judenthum in der Musik.’ Almost right on cue the opera scene, particularly in Berlin, has recently played host to a series of episodes that would have the Old Sorcerer spinning in his grave. Back in June Kirill Petrenko, …

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