Sexual Education is a Cancer on Society

Let’s take a break from the war and talk about the Sex Ed. conspiracy.

Sexual education in public schools is designed to promote both a deathly fear of sex, and promiscuity. They show you all of these horrible pictures of mutilated genitals of people who supposedly have these terrible STDs. Then they hand out condoms and tell you how fun sex is and how you should do it with as many people as possible.

It’s schizophrenic.

A friend mentioned herpes the other day.

“I don’t really believe in herpes,” I said.

There isn’t any evidence for it other than the sores themselves, which appear to be inflamed nerves.

When I was a teenager after making…. a series of irresponsible decisions…. I went to an expensive private STD clinic and was totally shocked by the fact that the only thing they can actually test for are the bacterial infections:

  • Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis.
  • And trichomoniasis (parasite).

Hepatitis, HIV, HPV, and herpes are all theoretical.

I’ve researched it a lot, and I think these conditions are not transmissible, and some of them aren’t even conditions at all.

Frankly, I don’t know that I believe viruses are real. I guess it’s a valid theory, but it is a theory, and it shouldn’t be presented as fact, because there is no factual proof.

Regardless, you’re not going to get some deadly mutant STD from your high school girlfriend. There is zero chance of that happening. You’re not even going to get any kind of disease like that from the town slut. Unless she happens to be Mexican or black, in which case you might get syphilis, which is serious, but curable.

I don’t support promiscuity. It’s a mortal sin. But this situation of “sex will kill you” plus “sex is really great and you should do it with as many people as possible” is just lunacy, and only something that could be taught in schools in a country controlled by the Jews.

There shouldn’t be any “sex education.”

Humans, like all other living things, are born knowing how to have sex. Humans, like most mammals, also are born with taboos around sex. Sex education is like breathing education. Sex is a biological function. No one needs to explain it to you.

It’s a private matter.

Girls should be taught the value of chastity. They should be taught that the moment that hymen breaks, their value on the sexual marketplace drops by at least 85%. It’s pretty straightforward, and doesn’t really require a long drawn-out explanation. Frankly, their mothers should be able to explain it to them.

Boys should be taught that girls will use sex to entrap them.

That’s really all that teenagers need to know.

The issue behind all of this is the secondary education of women. Allowing this to become the norm in society is where the Christians failed.

Women should marry as virgins. That’s the Christian view, of course. But it’s also a statistical fact that the number one determiner of whether or not a woman will have a divorce is an intact hymen.

Virgin marriage is not feasible in a world where girls are sent to secondary education.

A human female is biologically designed to breed at 16. Or, you know – earlier (but I would never say something like that). Society can push this off until 18-20, if they have some reason to (I don’t see any reason to), but after 20, if you are asking a woman to remain a virgin before marriage, you are making an unrealistic ask.

I guess the Christians who supported secondary education for women just thought “oh, it’s okay – she’ll just remain a virgin until she’s 28 or 30 or whatever.” I have no idea how this passed without some serious questioning. Does it make sense? Is it reasonable? At all?

I don’t think it’s reasonable at all. I don’t support women, or their agendas, but I’m going to have to side with women here: telling women to remain virgins until they are 30 is unreasonable.

It’s also stupid and pointless. What do the women gain from this? Why would women want to spend 15 years having sex with random men, and then settle for some beta male loser when they hit 30? I’m sure they enjoy the sex, they enjoy the “college experience.” I don’t think they enjoy working at banks. I don’t think they enjoy having to settle for a man they would never give a second glance when they were 16. I don’t think they enjoy living the rest of their lives with those decisions.

A big part of this is abortion. Despite all of the sex education, men don’t seem to be aware that women can only get pregnant in a 72-hour period every month. This is also the only period when a human female has a sex drive. (It’s also the only period she is attractive if she is not wearing makeup, but that’s a whole other issue.)

See that little blue bump there? That’s the only time she is producing testosterone, which is the chemical that causes a sex drive. Women will have sex during other periods (to manipulate you), but that period of ovulation is the only time a woman actually has a sex drive that is anything comparable to men’s sex drive (it is still not comparable at all to men’s sex drive).

Men will constantly pressure women into sex. Even if they are very polite and Christian and try not to pressure, they will always be ready for it. That’s just nature. During that ovulation period is the time when a woman is likely to agree to it. She is likely to agree during that period where she can get pregnant.

So, historically, something that happened – it’s not the greatest thing, but it happened – was that teenagers would have sex, and the girl would get pregnant, and the kids would be forced to tell their parents, and the parents would arrange a marriage. Now, in this Godless, satanic society, if teenagers go to their parents with such news, the parents tell them to abort.

The girl has to go to college, you see. She needs to… work at a bank, for some reason no one seems to be able to explain (something about the economy, even though in the USSR 70 years ago the issue of resource scarcity was solved by the Industrial Revolution).

Of course, this “shotgun wedding” scenario is not ideal. I don’t think it’s a bad deal, but it’s not a good deal.

The ideal situation would be for men to be taught that they need to establish themselves in their career and have money, and then go marry a teenage virgin that is 10-20 years younger than them. Along with just making basic logical sense, this also lines up with male-female sexual attractiveness. When two teenagers marry each other, it creates a disconnect where the male ends up being much more attractive than the female after even just a few years. Female attractiveness peaks at 19, whereas male attractiveness peaks closer to 50. This can lead to marital disharmony, and male infidelity.

Everything I’ve said here is obvious (well, maybe not the thing about viruses likely being fake, but all of the rest of it). It’s all stuff that honest people could work out, if they wanted to create a healthy society.

The problem is that we do not have honest people trying to create a healthy society. We have a bunch of Jews trying to create the most unhealthy possible society, as a way to punish Christians.

It’s unfortunate.

We used to have a pretty good country.

There’s no reason we can’t have one now.

Well, there’s one reason.

But only one reason.