The Jews are Doing This Holocaust Bullshit Again

It’s not just “40 decapitated babies.”

This is real:

There is something about Jews where they will just start making up the most outrageous, Looney Tunes nonsense about how oppressed they are.

The Hamas attack was actually brutal. A lot of families and “innocent” people were killed, while the IDF soldiers behaved like little kids, bunching up behind cars, hiding under tables, pissing themselves.

There wasn’t really a need to lie. It was an atrocious thing.

As I wrote yesterday, in a piece that I think is important, Hamas was totally justified in their actions, by the laws that govern human warfare. Jews have purposefully killed women, children, and old people in Palestine, for a very long time, and the way war works, this means that Hamas has the moral right to do the same to them.

Don’t tell me about “two wrongs don’t make a right” or something. That’s not the morality of war. War has a separate morality. (Just read the thing from yesterday, I make a bulletproofed argument that steelmans moral outrage mongers.)

Regardless, what Hamas did was deeply harrowing for any non-psychopathic human. And there is a significant amount of footage you can watch. I’ve never really agreed with posting this kind of footage, but anyone who wants to see it can see it.

However… none of the video includes decapitating babies or cutting off women’s breasts. It doesn’t include these things, because this is cartoonish nonsense that does not happen in real life. Insofar as really sick torture does happen in the human world, it is done by serial killers, all of whom are homosexuals (and many of whom were Jews). Soldiers do not do Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, or John Podesta behaviors. It’s not something that happens in war.

There are maybe situations, in an extended war, where isolated soldiers do something really messed up after an extended period in the shit. For example, the scene in The Deer Hunter where the Viets kidnap America soldiers and make them play Russian roulette while they gamble is probably realistic, and on the other side, the scene in Platoon where Charlie Sheen shoots at the feet of the Viets and tells them to dance.

(There’s no reason to watch those clips; particularly, the first one is really hardcore. These are leftist anti-war films demonstrating what happens to men during extended periods of war. I’m just making a point.)

In real life, an American in Iraq broke into the home of a 13-year-old girl he’d seen, raped her, then burned her family alive. I forget his name (I think he might actually have been Jewish, though I can’t swear by that.)

That stuff is rough, but:

  • It is a result of what happens to psychology after extended periods in the shit, and
  • It still does not reach serial killer baby-killing and breast-chopping

There has to be a line between “they shot random people on the street and burned down houses with families in them,” which is brutal and harrowing, but comprehensible, and “rofl” type stuff like “they chopped off her breasts with a Bowie knife.”

You understand?

For whatever reason, Jews always create this ultra-silly stuff – even when they already have stuff that is significantly brutal.

I think on some level, 40 decapitated babies and breast chopping minimizes or mocks the deaths of the people who actually were slaughtered by Hamas.

But of course, “fake shower room gas chambers,” “lampshades and soap,” “rollercoasters of death,” and all of the rest of that gibberish minimizes the deaths of the Jews who starved to death and died of typhus in the camps.

No one understands exactly what causes Jews to come up with these sorts of lies, but they do it, at every single opportunity.

I don’t have the files on hand, but they did it after the Russian pogroms against them in the 16-18th centuries too.

It’s a strange thing.

I think, probably, it is not intended for “goyim” consumption, is something that they mean to tell each other. That’s really the only thing that makes sense. Because definitely, the “40 decapitated babies” hoax, when exposed (as it was bound to be), drastically lowered the sympathy for the Jews over the brutal things that did actually happen to them. It created a kind of outrage among the people.

Ben Shapiro’s defense of “40 decapitated babies” with a picture (apparently fake, but even if it wasn’t) of a baby burned in a sheet, made millions of people across the world say “oh my God, you kike – just shut the fuck up. Shut up. No one cares about your whining and stupid Looney Tunes bullshit. Shut up.”

See: Ben Shapiro Goes Ape, Posts Picture of Alleged Burned Baby as Proof of 40 Decapitated Babies

Shapiro provided this opening for people to aggressively mock dead Jewish children without any tinge of guilt. (That’s just a description of what happened – I’m not commenting on the morality of it.)

We’re now at the point where no one is thinking about the brutality that Jews experienced during the Hamas attack. It is, more or less, utterly forgotten by the world. Most of that has to do with the ultra-disproportional response in Gaza, where official numbers say the Jews have already indiscriminately killed over 2,000 children, which is approaching ten times the number of Jewish children alleged to have died in the initial attack, and the Jews are publicly swearing to continue the mass murder of children in Gaza indefinitely (these are official numbers – likely, fewer Jewish children than were claimed died, and many more Palestinian children have died and will die). But I don’t think the “40 decapitated babies” thing helped at all. I think it served to minimize the entire Hamas attack.

If Ben Shapiro hadn’t directly, aggressively defended “40 decapitated babies,” I might wonder if it was some kind of Iranian propaganda designed to minimize global sympathy for the Jews.

Jews are very strange.

I think it’s important, as both an academic and a practical matter, to analyze and try to understand their unique behavior patterns, which are different from those of any other humans on earth – by a lot.