Shaping a New Generation of Slaves: Microplastics Found in the Placentas of Unborn Infants

Plastics are shaping our development even before we are born.

The Guardian:

Microplastic particles have been revealed in the placentas of unborn babies for the first time, which the researchers said was “a matter of great concern”.

The health impact of microplastics in the body is as yet unknown. But the scientists said they could carry chemicals that could cause long-term damage or upset the foetus’s developing immune system. The particles are likely to have been consumed or breathed in by the mothers.

The particles were found in the placentas from four healthy women who had normal pregnancies and births. Microplastics were detected on both the foetal and maternal sides of the placenta and in the membrane within which the foetus develops.

A dozen plastic particles were found. Only about 4% of each placenta was analysed, however, suggesting the total number of microplastics was much higher. All the particles analysed were plastics that had been dyed blue, red, orange or pink and may have originally come from packaging, paints or cosmetics and personal care products.

The microplastics were mostly 10 microns in size (0.01mm), meaning they are small enough to be carried in the bloodstream. The particles may have entered the babies’ bodies, but the researchers were unable to assess this.

“It is like having a cyborg baby: no longer composed only of human cells, but a mixture of biological and inorganic entities,” said Antonio Ragusa, director of obstetrics and gynaecology at the San Giovanni Calibita Fatebenefratelli hospital in Rome, and who led the study. “The mothers were shocked.”

In the study, published in the journal Environment International, the researchers concluded: “Due to the crucial role of placenta in supporting the foetus’s development and in acting as an interface with the external environment, the presence of potentially harmful plastic particles is a matter of great concern. Further studies need to be performed to assess if the presence of microplastics may trigger immune responses or may lead to the release of toxic contaminants, resulting in harm.”

The potential effects of microplastics on foetuses include reduced foetal growth, they said. The particles were not found in placentas from two other women in the study, which may be the result of different physiology, diet or lifestyle, the scientists said.

These plastics are shaping us into something other than human. Plastics are the underlying cause of femininity in men and masculinity in women. When you see these men who behave cowardly like women, and these aggressive, large, macho women, understand: this is a biological transformation, and it is being driven by plastics interfering with the hormonal system and guiding our development.

They are also (I believe very strongly) the underlying cause of autism and other developmental and bio-psychological disorders.

It’s not just race-mixing that is creating the new species of mankind.

Plastics are now an existential crisis, like one mankind has never faced before. They threaten to undermine and replace what we are as human beings, by targeting our development.

This should be treated as the single biggest medical and environmental crisis in history.

Instead, coronavirus is the biggest medical crisis in history (hoax) and global warming is the single biggest environmental crisis in history (hoax).

We live in a society of total falsehood, where lies outweigh truth. The truth is just floating out there in the ether. It’s available, for anyone to see. But people prefer the lies. So that’s what we focus on.