Shock as Instagram Thots Being Propositioned for Sex by Wealthy Arabs

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 22, 2020

Tyne-Lexy Clarson, successful Instagram hooker

We live in a world where boys grow up dreaming to become video game streamers to afford their drug habit and girls grow up dreaming to become Instagram hookers to afford their whore habits.

You’d think that someone might have a problem with the way things are going, but you would be wrong.

We have stopped caring about things that matter and only care about things that Jews tell us to care about now. Me, personally, I’m mildly alarmed by the idea that millions of girls put their photos online to whore themselves out to the highest bidder. I’m also mildly alarmed that there is no future for young men. But as you well know, that just means I’m a bad person and a Nazi who has no place in polite society.


Top social media influencers are being propositioned daily by strangers with offers of thousands of pounds in return for sex, the Victoria Derbyshire programme has been told. One said social media had become “a catalogue” for men to select their next conquest.

“It’s high-end prostitution – it’s just scary to think if they’ve messaged me, they’ve probably sent it to thousands of pretty girls on Instagram,” says Tyne-Lexy Clarson.

She says she was only 19 when she was first propositioned, with an offer of £20,000 for dinner and drinks.

But after starring in series two of Love Island, an agency emailed, offering her £50,000 for five nights in Dubai. It contained a non-disclosure agreement, stating that the details of what she would be required to do would remain confidential.

Tyne-Lexy says she refused the offer, but fears that struggling influencers who do not receive luxury items for free would feel pressure to “keep up appearances” and become vulnerable to these kinds of transactions.

“It’s a lot of money for some people, it’s life-changing amounts of money.” 

Not really. These whores just spend it all on make-up and fizzy champagne and then they’re back to square one in two months.

We’re not really even allowed to get morally outraged by this story as things stand now. Because, of course, my body means my choice, bigot. The only acceptable moral outrage that we’re allowed to have is if these girls aren’t getting paid enough or if the men who paid obscene amounts of money to have sex with them may have harbored some anti-wahmen sentiments while they pooped on their chests. Some men will even defend these women’s right to choose (to be a prostitute) online.

And we just can’t have that. Too much is at stake to start simping now.

Nowadays, our protests and our moral outrage are controlled and kept within an acceptable and controllable Jewish paradigm. You need not look any further that what we saw at that disgusting Boomer circle-jerk on Monday.

We need to snap out of this Jewish paradigm. We need to stop simping. We need to start Holocausting gorillions of Jews.

Simple as.