Sickening Riot Cops Storm Yale Campus to Arrest Pro-Palestine Students

It’s shocking that these retards keep arresting protesters.

It’s primarily the Republicans pushing this. We saw after the Republicans hauled in the head of Columbia and made all of those threats against her, the first thing she did was send in the cops to mass-arrest the protesters.

I say without any sense of irony: this is the most valuable thing the Republicans have done in my lifetime. These arrests are just going to make the protests intensify and spread out across the entire US university system.

You can’t arrest the revolution.

New York Post:

Police clad in riot gear swarmed Yale University’s Connecticut campus early Monday and arrested dozens of students who refused to clear out from an anti-Israel protest encampment.

At least 47 protesters were cuffed and hauled away from the Ivy League’s New Haven campus on shuttle buses, a university spokesperson confirmed to The Post.

They were slapped with trespassing summons — and will be referred for Yale disciplinary action, which may include suspensions, the rep added.

It is so absurd that they are arresting people on trespassing charges at a university they attend.

American universities have always fostered protests among students. No one was arrested for trespassing during the Summer of Floyd. Most people who committed real crimes were not arrested.

Leftists must be noticing that this Palestine thing is very different than other issues they might support, right?

The mass arrests came after footage posted online showed cops arriving at the Ivy League school and blocking off entrances to a plaza, where roughly 200 protesters had been gathered.

Cops repeatedly warned protesters they risked being arrested if they didn’t clear out, the Yale spokesperson said.

As police descended on the campus, a group of defiant students had locked arms around a flagpole and were singing “We shall not be moved” — as officers could be seen checking the dozens of tents erected in the plaza, according to a video posted on X.

While the arrests were underway, others could be heard taunting the Yale Police Depatment (YPD), “YPD or KKK, IDF they’re all the same” and chanting, “Arab blood is not cheap, for the martyrs we will speak,” according to the Yale Daily News.

It’s sickening that these pigs will just follow every single order they are given, no matter how destructive it is to the country that their children are going to grow up in.

But they will lose.

The people will win.