Sister of NBA Star Held for Murder-Robbery

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 8, 2019

We just had a case of the brother of an olympic medalist being charged with murder.

Now we have this.

Fox News:

Just two months ago, the sports world watched as NBA star Kawhi Leonard signed a contract with the Los Angeles Clippers worth more than $100 million.

Now comes word that Leonard’s older sister, Kimesha Monae Williams, 35, is being held without bail after being arrested in connection with a casino robbery last month that left an 84-year-old woman dead.

Leonard, 28, has not been accused of any crime, a report said.

Authorities say Williams and another woman, identified as Candace Tai Townsel, 39, followed the elderly victim into a restroom at Pechanga Resort Casino near Temecula, Calif., on Aug. 31.

The suspects allegedly cracked the woman’s skull as they stole her purse, which contained $800 to $1,200, the Press-Enterprise of Riverside, Calif., reported. The victim, identified as Afaf Anis Assad, died four days later, the report said.

“Williams has a violent history and targeted a feeble elderly female and robbed her,” an investigator wrote in a report, according to the newspaper.

Just imagine that as your sibling signs for $100 million, you go out and kill a person for $800.

This is just the thing: it doesn’t matter how much status you give to the blacks, they remain the blacks.

There is no way to transform them with education, money or anything else.

They are savage jungle creatures who will always behave as savage jungle creatures and so need to be managed as savage jungle creatures. Not pampered and pandered to in a ridiculous fashion.