Slovakia: Assassination Attempt was Driven by Pro-Ukraine Sentiment

He’s a man with peak Slavic physiognomy.

I think we all knew this already.


Bratislava’s decision not to send weapons to Kiev was one of the major reasons behind the recent attack on Prime Minister Robert Fico, a Slovak Specialized Criminal Court concluded on Thursday as it was deciding on a pre-trial restraint measure against the suspect.

Fico was shot several times in the torso on May 15 in the city of Handlova in central Slovakia. He is currently recuperating in a hospital after undergoing surgery. His alleged attacker was detained on the spot and later identified by the media as 71-year-old Juraj Cintula, a former security guard and a published poet.

On Thursday, judge Roman Puchovsky issued a pre-trial detention order for Cintula, arguing that there is “reasonable suspicion” that he committed a “particularly serious crime” and a “reasonable fear” that he could “continue criminal activity” due to his general resentment towards the government.

Speaking about the suspect’s motives, the judge said that Cintula disagreed with a range of government policies, including the dismantling of the state graft-prosecution unit, as well as what he called “persecution” of the media and artists.

Of course.

He was probably against AI taking jobs from “digital artists.”

“What is most important, he [Cintula] wants military aid to be provided to Ukraine and considers the current government to be Judas towards the European Union, and so he decided to act,” Puchkovsky said in his decision.

Fico has repeatedly argued against supplying Kiev with weapons, and stopped all Slovak military aid to Ukraine upon taking office last year.

What needs to be investigated is this guy’s connections to Western intelligence.

I can pretty well guarantee such connections exist. This was intended as a warning to Europeans who think they can go against the Washington consensus.

But of course, we’re just going to get more “lone gunman” bullshit.