Germany: Government Gave Over 200,000 Foreigners German Citizenship in 2023

Did people even know about this?

Or was it done in secret?

I guarantee that no one voted on it.

European Conservative:

The German government has broken records for the number of foreigners being given citizenship, with official statistics reporting 200,100 naturalisations in 2023 alone. The main beneficiaries of this trend are young men from Syria.

Under Angela Merkel and the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU), borders were seriously weakened. Now even the CDU has warned that the country’s migration policies have “taken a completely wrong turn.” Reactions to the mass naturalisation of Germany’s 14 million foreign-born population—a priority for the ruling left-liberal ‘traffic light’ coalition led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz—help explain the surging popularity of the sovereigntist Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) at the polls.

The German Federal Statistics Office reported a jump of more than 40% in naturalisations since 2021, with 75,000 Syrians alone receiving a German passport and the right to vote just last year.

Approximately 5.3 million immigrants who have been residents in Germany for the past ten years could be eligible to receive citizenship under a new law. Future applicants could be required to be residents of Germany for a mere five years (under certain circumstances, three years) before receiving citizenship—down from a previous eight-year residency requirement.

The Bundestag has been debating migration reform since January, aiming to reduce waiting times to attain citizenship from eight years to five—or, in the case of migrants demonstrating “special integration achievements,” three. This occurred against the backdrop of official statistics that showed Germany receiving 352,000 asylum applications in 2023 alone (not counting Germany’s one million Ukrainian refugees).

I am really against democracy, because it never represents the will of the masses of people, nor does it protect their interests, which is what any government should do.

But if you had referendum votes on issues, like “should we flood the country with low IQ, violent hordes of foreigners who hate us all so they can live on welfare and commit crimes?”, people would vote the right way.

Some percentage of white women would vote “YES,” but it would probably only be about 60% of women, meaning the “nays” would win out every time.

The thing is, when you give the voting rights to foreigners who will vote alongside white women, that plan no longer works.

The Krauts keep oppressing them, but they keep coming anyway