Slovakia Stops Sending Military Aid to the Ukraine

Keep it 100, King.


Slovakia has until now been a staunch supporter of Kyiv since Russia invaded in February last year, donating arms and opening its borders for refugees fleeing the war.

Slovakia’s new Prime Minister, Robert Fico, announced on Thursday that he would stop delivering arms to Ukraine, limiting support for his neighbour to “humanitarian and civilian aid”.

“We see aid to Ukraine solely as humanitarian and civilian aid, and we will no longer supply Ukraine with arms”, Fico declared, the day after his appointment as head of a coalition government that includes a pro-Russian far-right party.

“The war in Ukraine is not ours, we have nothing to do with it”, he added.


The “war” is actually a “border skirmish.”

Fundamentally, a border skirmish is a problem between two countries, and is certainly not a problem for countries that are not in the same region.

Furthermore: the USSR was an empire, and it collapsed (tragically, we now know by examining the difference between East and West Germans). An empire cannot collapse without border skirmishes. It’s simply not possible. This is the nature of the thing.

There have been dozens of conflicts in the former USSR that resulted from the collapse of the USSR. This is very normal. These events are not important to anyone other than the people directly involved.

It is insane to turn a border skirmish into a global war. Some people benefit from this, but surely, the people who don’t benefit can acknowledge they don’t benefit?