China Unveils Plan for Worldwide Joy and Peaceful Cooperation at Defense Forum in Beijing

We always mock the US Anal War Machine for referring to itself as “Defense.” Even the Jews have the nerve to use this word. That’s the “D” in “IDF.”

The “Department of Defense” used to be called “The Department of War.” In the late 1940s, they changed the name of a government department to a euphemism, which is something you really associate with communism.

Whether it’s a defensive war or not (none of them have been since the wars with the Indians), it’s still a war. The department exists for fighting wars.

However, the Chinese are so opposed to war, that I think it’s fair to call their military department “defense.”

Even if you want to be rude about it: the Chinese like making money and they view war as something that inhibits their ability to make money. They don’t like war. They simply recognize that they need a significant army, because the United States really, really likes war, and views starting wars with random countries based on stupid, childish lies as a moral imperative.

Today, we’re using CNN as a source for a story about China for some reason.


China is hosting defense officials from across the world for its flagship military diplomacy conference this week – a key opportunity for Beijing to promote its alternative vision for global security that has also underscored its increasing alignment with Moscow against the United States.

More than 30 defense ministers and military chiefs, as well as lower-level representatives from dozens more countries and organizations, including the US, gathered for the three-day Xiangshan Forum in the Chinese capital.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was given prominent billing as the first visiting official to address the forum Monday, where he and China’s keynote speaker both took aim at what they see as a failed US-led security system.

Noticeably missing from the line-up was China’s own defense minister.


Look at the language.

“Noticeably missing.”

How much does the bot who wrote this CNN article understand about Chinese internal affairs?

I don’t think it knows much.

I think these bots that write the mainstream media look for any weird place to take a snipe. It comes across as whiny and pathetic.

Beijing last week announced it had removed defense minister Li Shangfu from his position, without naming a replacement or providing an explanation for the sudden demotion – the latest in a series of high-level shakeups under Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

The Xiangshan Forum – billed as an opportunity for countries to resolve differences regarding defense and security issues – also comes amid heightened concerns about the potential for the Israel-Hamas war to spiral in a wider regional conflict and as Russia continues its onslaught on Ukraine.

Beijing has tried to project itself as a potential peacemaker in both conflicts, as it aims to cast itself as a player in global security amid heightened tensions with Washington.



As opposed to “warmaker,” which is what the Joe Biden administration has positioned itself as.

He’s engaged in or threatening wars on most of the continents of the earth.

That bid has drawn skepticism from governments in its own region and the West, given its aggression in the South China Sea and intimidation of Taiwan, as well as its backing of Russia despite its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

But those governments in the region – primarily the pedophile nips, who are currently dumping massive amounts of nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean – are controlled by the West?

Why I am using CNN as a source for this news?

It’s because it’s been copy-pasted by Elvis Dunderhoff, and he does not read Xinhua, which would have been a much better source. (How about that snarky scolding of the staff publicly? Edgy enough for you? Nah, he’s great. The hardest worker in news. No shit. Unbelievable blessing, that man is.)

But hey – let’s go ahead and do another lesson in weasel wording.

Both conflicts, however, were only briefly mentioned in a keynote address from top Communist Party military official Gen. Zhang Youxia, who repeated China’s calls for a “political resolution” for the “Ukraine crisis” and the “Israel-Palestine conflict.”

Why is “political resolution” in scare quotes?

You break this down line-by-line, and it really is like parody.

Zhang, who is vice chairman of Central Military Commission – a powerful body headed by Chinese leader Xi Jinping who ultimately commands China’s armed forces – instead focused his address on hailing Xi’s “Global Security Initiative” as a solution to global conflict – while making veiled jabs against the United States, which he did not directly name.

Our world is overshadowed by the dark cloud of cold war mentality and we must avoid falling into bloc confrontation,” Zhang told his audience, using language typically employed by Beijing to criticize Washington and its allies.

Real basic stuff here, folks.

Why is the US arranging blocs for a global war?

And why are they so bad at arranging blocs?

They just lost Saudi Arabia.

If a country only cares about its own interest it will perceive everyone else as a rival, if it is obsessed with suppressing others with different opinions it will surely cause conflicts and wars in the world,” he said.

This country’s obsession with suppressing others with different opinions is not only its defining geopolitical behavior, but its primary domestic behavior.

The United States government seal should read “Shut It Down.”

Zhang, who ranks higher than defense minister, also said countries should instead focus on “common security” and respecting each other’s paths of development – key tenants stressed in Xi’s security initiative, which the leader announced last year.

The general also said Beijing would “show no mercy” against any moves for Taiwan independence, referring to the self-governing island China’s ruling Communist Party claims as its own.

China would continue to “deepen strategic coordination” with Russia’s military, and it was willing, Zhang added, to develop China-US military relations.

Do you know that the US was working with China to suppress Uyghur terrorism after 911? This lasted for the better part of two decades. Then all of a sudden, they decided that an operation that they were a partner in was a genocide.

These people are absolute snakes.

They cannot be allowed to continue to cause all of this damage to everyone.

No one on earth is benefiting from this.

I would actually argue that the Americans are suffering more than most.

Not as much as Gaza though.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.