Slovenian Parliament Votes to Recognize Palestine

There is a major situation brewing here. America’s unconditional support for Israel’s Mass Murder Machine is threatening to drive a wedge between not just the Third World and America, but America and their direct subsidiaries in Europe.


Slovenia recognised a Palestinian state on Tuesday following in the recent steps of three other European countries after its parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of the move.

Lawmakers came down with a vote of 52 in favor and no one against recognition in the 90-seat legislature. The remaining lawmakers were not present for the vote.

“Dear people of Palestine, today’s final decision of Slovenia is a message of hope and peace,” Slovenia’s Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon said on the social media platform X. “We believe that only a two-state solution can lead to a lasting peace in the #MiddleEast . Slovenia will tirelessly continue to work on the security of both nations, Palestinians and Israelis.”

Slovenia’s decision came days after Spain, Norway and Ireland recognized a Palestinian state, a move that was condemned by Israel, AFP reports.

Israeli foreign minister Israel Katz subsequently announced Israel would be recalling its ambassadors from all three countries for consultations, and summoned the ambassadors for reprimands — a severe diplomatic step.

Previously, only seven members of the 27-nation European Union officially recognized a Palestinian state. Five of them are former East bloc countries that announced recognition in 1988, as did Cyprus, before joining the E.U. with Sweden’s recognition coming in 2014.

The AFP report notes Slovenia’s main opposition party, the Slovenian Democratic Party, opposes the recognition.

The right-wing party has demanded a referendum on the issue that would delay the vote, but on Tuesday withdrew the bid before again filing another one that was rejected by parliament.

The right-wing is so gay.

They are just a bunch of Jew-lovers.

They didn’t stop immigration, they didn’t stop the gays, they didn’t stop women – but now they are very committed to protecting the sickening baby-killing Jews.

What a pointless political movement.