SNL Does Semi-Brutal Sketch Attacking Brandon’s Age (Something is Going On)

Something is going on.

Saturday Night Live last night did a cold open attacking Joe Biden’s age. It wasn’t funny, but it was pretty brutal.

Maybe you could argue that they are doing an “agree and amplify” of Republican talking points against Joe. But… there is a lot of this stuff in the media now, talking about Biden’s age, and SNL is very influential with the kind of people who support Joe Biden. Those people are too stupid to even understand what “agree and amplify” is, and would immediately view this as an attack.

Obviously, a lot of people want Biden replaced with Gavin Newsom as the 2024 candidate.

Increasingly, however, I am sensing that a lot of people want Biden replaced with Donald Trump, because Trump was always an ultra-Zionist, and he would be able to get white America rallied behind Israel’s war agenda.

The Israel war is not ending. They are doing Rafah now, then they want to do southern Lebanon, and the ultimate agenda, as always, is to get America at war with Iran. (Of course, Turkey could also start moving at any point, particularly after Israel invades Lebanon.)

It is simply an obvious fact that the Israelis would do better with all of this if Donald Trump was in charge.

I just need to make this crystal clear: I will not support Donald Trump in any way at all if he is supporting Israel’s wars. I don’t care if he’s doing mass deportations and banning trannies.

But frankly, bro: he wouldn’t be doing mass deportations or banning trannies. He might talk about it. But he wouldn’t do anything. The only thing of any material substance that Trump would do in a second term is fight wars for Israel.

Trump never implemented Trumpism. Remember when he tried to get us to take that genetic death shot?

Remember when he sent weapons to the Ukraine, which Obama had refused to send?

Remember when he didn’t build a wall, and instead started talking about Obamacare?

I don’t really think it was his fault, necessarily, but his presidency was a disaster. Joe Biden was able to erase every gain he made in a matter of weeks. Obviously, things were better under Trump, but right now, we can point to precisely zero things that we have left over from the Trump presidency.

I loved the man as much as anyone. But he can’t win a fake election unless the people with the power want him to win and the only reason they would do that is because he’s a better war candidate for the Jews.

I’m very aware this isn’t going to be a popular view with really anyone. But the problem is, I’m right. And I don’t care about being popular. Virtually no one donates anyway. I have no incentive to cater to anyone.

I have a duty to God to say the truth, and the truth is that American elections are fake and if Donald Trump “wins” the fake election in November, it’s an ill wind that blows nobody good.

I don’t make predictions. But if I was going to, I would predict that if Joe Biden is not replaced as the Democrat nominee, Donald Trump will “win,” and we’re going to war.

Here’s a protip: if Trump wins, and you’re between the ages of 18 and 42, and not morbidly obese, you need to figure out a way to get the fuck out of the country as soon as possible. Frankly, there is enough of a chance this is going to happen that you should start looking at options now. Find a place far away (preferably with no extradition) where you can stay indefinitely. Because there is no war with Iran without a draft, and they are going to prioritize right-wingers for the draft, not only because they’re more fit, but also because they want to get rid of them.

Again, I’m not saying this will happen. I’m just telling you, I watch this stuff, and I understand the way these narratives work. And I’m picking up on the very distinct possibility of the scenario I just outlined occurring. There are definitely very powerful people who want this to happen. And frankly, I have zero doubt that Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff and all of the rest of these Jews can be convinced to go along with a Trump “win” in the name of Israel’s wars.

If Biden isn’t switched out, I’d put the chances of a Trump “win” at around 95%.

And before “you said it was impossible for Trump to win.” Well, firstly, things have changed. A lot. Very quickly. Israel is out of control right now, and there is really zero chance of this war push stopping, which means there is virtually zero chance of America not getting directly involved. That was not the situation on October 6, 2023.

The other thing: I said Trump can’t win. I didn’t say he can’t “win,” i.e., be installed through the fake election system. Admittedly, I hadn’t thought much about that. But here we are.


We win, regardless.

The empire is giving up the ghost. Whether Biden, Newsom, or Trump is in office in January 2025, we are at the end stage of the empire.

When the empire falls, the people will rise.

I promise.