Biden Uses Food as Bombs, Killing Five Palestinians with Airdrop with Botched Parachute

As horrifying and harrowing as the situation in Gaza is, sometimes the best thing is to just laugh out loud.

The Jews have reached unbelievable, cartoonish levels of evil, recently using aid deliveries as ambush points, opening fire on starving people waiting for food.

Now they are using food as bombs.


Five people, including two children, were killed by a malfunctioning airdrop in Gaza on Friday, the local health ministry has said. They were reportedly crushed by a pallet of food supplies when its parachute failed to properly deploy.

US, French, Dutch, Belgian, Jordanian and Egyptian transport planes dropped pallets of military rations on Gaza during the day, in an attempt to relieve the conditions the UN has described as impending famine. Israel has not allowed trucks with food and fuel into the Palestinian enclave for months.

The incident happened around 11:30 am local time in the Al-Shati refugee camp in northern Gaza, CBS News and Al Jazeera reported, quoting local officials and eyewitnesses. Eleven more people were injured.

An anonymous US official told CBS that an “initial review” suggested the pallet that caused the deaths was not dropped by an American plane, but said further investigation would be needed.

Other news outlets are reporting that it was an American plane.

But it’s all part of an American program, so it doesn’t really matter whose plane it was.

The State Department has not yet commented on the report of deaths, which has not been verified by the UN.

Videos circulating on social media showed one of the aid packages dropping far faster than others, with its parachute tangled up and not fully opened. 

Friday’s drop was the second this week, mainly consisting of dehydrated Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MRE) rations intended for the battlefield or disaster areas. The airdrops amount to less than 40,000 meals a day and are nowhere near enough for over two million people who live in Gaza, the UN has warned.

“Dropping aid in this way is flashy propaganda rather than a humanitarian service,” said the media office for the local government in Gaza, run by the militant group Hamas. “We previously warned it poses a threat to the lives of citizens in the Gaza Strip, and this is what happened today when the parcels fell on the citizens’ heads.”

Hamas urged the reopening of land crossings, condemning the airdrops as “useless and not the best way to bring aid in.”

It most contexts, it would be difficult to blame the US for this, or to claim it was purposeful. The US is not a competent country. We have trains filled with toxic chemicals crashing left and right, we have wheels falling off of passenger jets, so it’s not hard to believe they can’t figure out how parachutes work.

However, after what we’ve seen, it’s hard to come to any other conclusion than that they did this on purpose.

Of course, the situation sounds like Bugs Bunny dropping an anvil on Daffy Duck, and you would think the Palestinians would just move out of the way when they saw the speed at which the pallet was descending. But you also must consider: the starvation situation is now critical. Starvation changes the dynamics of the way someone reacts to a pallet of food dropping from the sky.

It might be too much to say it was purposeful. Regardless, the recent ambushes of aid distribution sites were definitely purposeful, and this just further goes to show that the Jews are taking the concept of “food as a weapon” to a whole new height.

No one has ever ambushed starving people waiting in line for food, no one has ever crushed people to death with an airdrop of food. This is all new behavior.

I’ve been meaning to write something comparing what the Bolsheviks did when they were doing mass killings in the early part of the 20th century, and demonstrate how what the Jews are doing now is so much more extreme.

Nothing like this has ever happened.

Another important note is that if Israel was not at war with the civilian population – as they still somehow continue to claim – they would have no reason to not simply allow in trucks to deliver aid in a normal fashion.

90% of the Gaza population is starving or on the verge of starvation, and the Jews are sticking to their “no food at all” policy.