South Africa: Five Kaffirs Violently Attack, Rob 96-Year-Old White Farmer

Blacks don’t care whether a man is 15, 40 or close to 100; they’ll still beat the crap out of him for mere pocket change.

This is one of the reasons why you might not want them in your society.

Farm Attacks:

The Police are still looking for the farm attackers who brutally assaulted a farmer, Gilbert Bahlman (96) in his farmhouse on Tuesday evening 27 August 2019. Mr Bahlman’s attackers arrived at his farm in a red vehicle around 20:45.

Five black male attackers broke down the safety gate at the back door to gain entry to the home. They then violently beat and kicked the elderly farmer several times before they left with food and an undisclosed amount of money.

As the attackers left they fired several shots at the farmhouse. Luckily Mr Bahlman was not hit by any of these shots. There have been no arrests.

The farm is situated in the Kei Road district, 30 km north of King Williams Town. Bahlman’s farm is adjacent to the farm of the late Des Krause (62) who has murdered about 2 km from his farm in April 2018.