South Africa: Government Wants to Ban Farms That are “Too White” from Exporting to EU, UK

These blacks can barely keep the lights on, and this is what they’re worrying about

When South Africa collapses, it’s going to be a lot worse than Zimbabwe.

Because the white farmers in South Africa don’t feed just South Africa, but also all the countries in the region.

The death toll will literally be in the tens of millions.


Japan Times:

South African farms deemed “too white” will no longer be able to export their produce to the U.K. and the EU, according to postings in the Government Gazette, the Johannesburg-based City Press newspaper reported.

Under the rules, farmers must meet specific Black economic empowerment targets to continuing obtaining export permits.


The guidelines will apply to agricultural businesses with a minimum annual turnover of 10 million South African rand ($534,000) or more. Milk, cream, butter, fruit, nuts, sugar, jam, fruit puree, fruit juices, yeast, table grapes and wine are among the products affected, according to the notice.

Southern African Agri Initiative (Saai), a farmers’ lobbying group, told City Press that the rules will undermine investor security, job creation and growth in the nation’s agricultural sector.

Democratic Alliance, the biggest opposition party in South Africa, lodged a complaint with the trade offices of the EU and the U.K., arguing that the regulations violate the rules of fair trade. South Africa’s agreements with the EU and the U.K. are explicitly premised upon protecting human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law, the alliance said.

South African companies have been encouraged to adopt Black-empowerment plans to comply with government policies aimed at redressing financial inequality stemming from the apartheid era.

This is nutso.

You’d think by this point the normal blacks in South Africa would be sick of this shit. How much has their quality of life dropped since the revolution? The drop is massive, and presumably incalculable.

If this law is real and if it’s actually implemented, it’s going to crush the farmers, and force them to sell and flee the country. “Black empowerment” is unobtainable. It’s like the gender pay gap. It’s a hoax, a demand for a solution to a problem that isn’t real.

The entirety of Western civilization is now based on lunatic attempts to solve non-existent problems, and it’s all going to end very badly.

At least the revolutionary blacks in South Africa pushed some of the whites to start getting serious about things.

White only town:

Still waiting on Fatmerican kikesucker scum to take this kind of initiative.