Watch: Brutes Unleashed in Atlanta! Total Brute Victory! (Long Article for Some Reason)

Who, who, who-who – who let the brutes out?!

Who let the brutes out?!*

New York Post:

A group of thieves ransacked an Amazon delivery van as the helpless driver looked on stunned during the brazen daylight robbery in Atlanta in the latest string of attacks on delivery trucks.

The female driver told the cops she was delivering a package to the Country Oaks Apartments in the Fairburn Mays neighborhood Sunday afternoon as she left her running vehicle unattended, a common habit of delivery service workers.

She then claimed at least four men ran up to the truck and stole multiple packages from inside, according to 11Alive.

Video captured from a nearby apartment shows the thieves jumping out of the front of the van and running to the back where the door is already open, before hopping back in and filling their arms with packages.

The camera then turned to the driver, in the middle of her delivery route, who abruptly stopped walking and watched as her truck was ransacked.


*This is not rhetorical – the Jews did it. Some people apparently don’t know that, which is why they are currently calling Elon a “conspiracy theorist” for agreeing and confirming the incontrovertible fact that Jews pushed mass immigration, black uprising, and virulent anti-white hatred.

It’s so bizarre, dear friend. You look at this website, you see that I only tell the truth.

I know that a certain group of emotionally unhinged faggots whined that I was wrong about the Covid hoax leading to a biometric nightmare dystopian control grid and wrong about the Ukraine war at the beginning. But firstly, these were theoretical predictions about future events. Secondly, I do not like making predictions. I’ve explained constantly, this whole time, that I am not a wizard and do not have secret information (sometimes politicians want to talk to me and I say “no,” because I’m not trying to get caught up in some shit like that). Thirdly, most of my predictions are right (seriously, name someone with a better track record – you can’t because no such person exists). Fourthly, that is not even related to facts.

I’ve said “Kiev will probably surrender quickly” and been wrong. But no one has ever accused me of printing wrong facts. I have never printed wrong facts. All of my facts are correct, and no one disputes them. The Jews have simply slandered me and destroyed my life. They did not ever say I was a liar.

It’s just a very simple, basic fact that the Jews are who pushes the left agenda, which is really just a Jew agenda, along with parts of the mainstream right agenda (Bidenist support for Israel and attacks on China – many Republican voters, who are fat by the way, supported Bidenist anti-Russian attacks as well).

This isn’t something that intelligent people are debating. It is very simply a basic fact of reality: “Jews are the problem.”

While Elon was confirming this fact, both Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson were confirming it. They were talking in a weird way, where they did a sort of “they” and “these people” thing after beginning a conversation about Jews.

See: HOT: Elon Bites Jew, Draws Blood, Tucker Interviews Candace About Rat Shapiro Attack!

Everyone understood this was happening, and they also understood that you were not allowed to say it. The Jewish media does not try to disprove this claim, they simply say “this person said Jews are the problem” and say it’s “dangerous” to say that.

They will even say that mentioning that George Soros is backing leftist causes is antisemitic, because he is Jewish. If you say that George Soros is backing leftist causes, and just point to his own website outlining his agenda, without even mentioning he is Jewish, the ADL and the New York Times accuse you of “tropes.” I talked a lot about this when they first started happening, because I thought it was so extreme. They are literally saying that you cannot criticize an individual Jew. It’s not just Jews as a whole that are above criticism, it’s every individual Jew.

Hungary criticized George Soros because he was funding an agenda to remove the country’s government, and they were called antisemites. Now, Hungary is one of only a very small number of countries standing with the United States and Canada at the UN, supporting the mass murder of children by the Jews. I think it’s more complicated than simply “they’re trying to avoid being called antisemites.” Victor Orban has some strange relationship with Bibi Netanyahu. But it’s interesting to note.

(By the way – Soros is against Netanyahu, and vice versa. Netanyahu criticizes Soros. That would mean that he is an antisemite. The top Jew in the world is an antisemite, according to the Jews. They actually accused Bibi’s son of antisemitism for posting a meme about Soros.)

If you list off the people responsible, and note that virtually every major individual and organization involved in the agenda is Jewish, they will say “well, it’s not all Jews.” No one ever said it was “all Jews.” Hitler himself never even said that. You can say “Italian Mafia” or “Irish Mafia.” You can say “black gang.” You can also say things like “British colonialism.” No one rebuts you with “actually not every single British person was directly involved in colonialism, so you can’t call it ‘British colonialism,’ and instead you have to say ‘colonialism by random individuals.'”

It is nonsense for babies to claim that pointing out that an organization or agenda has an ethnic character is somehow blaming every member of that ethnic group. This is blatantly retarded. But the Jews feed on retardation. At least 50%, and probably closer to 80%, of the population will just believe literally anything the media says. It’s so deeply unfair to exploit the gullibility of the masses to use against the entire intelligentsia, but that’s what they do. That is the best definition we have of “democracy,” actually.

But now, things are changing and they are changing quickly. The entire global narrative about the Jews has totally reversed. This is what Jews have done all throughout history, every 70-80 years. You can set your watch to it. After establishing widespread sympathy through whining about how they are such victims, and using that victim status as power, they reach a point where they go totally nuts, and then there is a massive backlash. It is literally “all of a sudden Jews are getting their store lit on fire and are forced to flee the region.”

I have been “predicting” rapid escalation in response to Jewish overreach for over a decade. I never thought it would be this intense.

The top non-Jews have already started not only standing with Palestine, but pointing at Jews as those responsible for the American slaughter, which is the left/Democrat agenda. Elon and Tucker are two of the most influential men in America.

It’s already happened: in the same way you can talk about the “Italian Mafia” or “British colonialism,” you can now talk about a “Jewish agenda.”

What are things going to look like in six months or a year? The Jews are pushing for total war in the Middle East, explicitly for the Jewish agenda, and they are not even making a case for how it could benefit America. They’re saying it’s only about the Jews, that Jews have a right to slaughter children and that Americans have a duty to help them because of the Holocaust and because white people are evil haters.

There is a small group of stupid idiots who believe this, but they are shrinking. They are basically all boomers, who are going to die soon.

Everything I wanted is happening.

All glory to God.

I don’t know how many of you pray every day that the Jews will be overthrown and ousted, but I do.


**I don’t know why this turned into a long article.

Honestly, I’m feeling very ill. This is very strange. I think I probably do have a brain tumor.

Here are pics of dem brutes do they thang:

It’s so funny that they totally stopped wearing masks. No one points that out. Because they know the police will never go hunt someone down for grand larceny, they just don’t even wear masks.

This was, 1000%, a Jewish agenda.

George Soros and the Jewish-dominated media were pushing this BLM thing, which has resulted in a full legalization of almost all black crime.