South Africa: White Politician Getting Destroyed Because He Said Mean Words 16 Years Ago

You can see his original video from 16 years ago here at 6:15. It sounds very different in context.

Dude was literally a teenager when he said this shit.

And it isn’t even a big deal.

But it’s a big deal to the blacks. Or whoever is pulling their strings.

I guess he’s going to prison?

The South African:

A Backabuddy crowdfunding initiative for Renaldo Gouws has been halted. Almost R50 000 will be returned to those who contributed to the campaign.

Gouws is facing a lawsuit by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), which has vowed to take him to the Equality Court for alleged hate speech and racial utterances.

The DA MP courted controversy after an old clip of himself saying the K-word resurfaced on social media. He has since been suspended from the political party and is also facing an internal disciplinary hearing.

The “K-word” is “kaffir,” which blacks in South Africa find very offensive.

BACKABUDDY DISABLES CAMPAIGNThis week, a group of Renaldo Gouws supporters launched a Backabuddy fundraising campaign. According to the creator Matthew Dickson, the money raised would be going towards Gouws’s legal bills in his representation against the SAHRC.

Dickason said: “Please support Renaldo Gouws against the very same SAHRC that doesn’t see Julius Malema and Andile Mngxitama’s hate speech as such but yet see Renaldo’s hyperbole as hate speech.”

However, the fundraising campaign -which raised nearly R50 000 of its R100 000 goal – was halted by Backabuddy on Wednesday, 26 June.

Backabuddy CEO Patrick Schofield told IOL that the campaign was flagged soon after its initiation as it “did not fit into Backabuddy’s terms and conditions.”

Schofield said the campaign had also seen “threats and intimidation” against IOL staffers, who first reported it.

“In our reasoning for taking it down (threats and intimidation) was very much a primary part of it. This campaign has directly resulted in hate speech and threats, hence being removed”.

South Africa is hardcore.

I sure hope nonwhites never become the majority in America or Europe.

It seems horrible to be a white minority.