Canada: Vibrant Mob of Vibrants Beats Up Dyke Couple


Not our dykes!

Anyway, it’s okay because the attackers are not white.


Emma MacLean was walking with her girlfriend Tori in Halifax, Canada when a group of about ten ‘middle eastern men, believed to be from Syria’ came towards them.

As the women passed, one of the men allegedly made a rude comment about Emma, prompting her girlfriend tori to stand up for her.

Tori said: “Hey that’s my girlfriend,” MacLean told Canadian news outlet CTVNews.

Tori followed them and told them “that is not OK” – before the group set upon Tori.

Yeah, women think they are very powerful and can just boss me around.

They apparently don’t know what the word “Islamic” means.

Emma said: “I see Tori being pushed on the stairs right in front of the BMO Centre, and they are cement stairs, and she’s on her back – that’s when all the men started punching and kicking them.”

Emma said police spoke to the men involved and that they blamed the fight on the women.

The rest refused to cooperate or give their IDs, Emma said.

Police have said the incident is under investigation and no charges have yet been brought.

Yeah, don’t charge them.

This is immigrants doing the jobs Canadians won’t do.

Any stupid cunt who chases after a man saying “hey – that is not okay!” deserves to be thrown on the ground and repeatedly kicked.

You can see the pictures – they didn’t do any serious damage.

If I’d have been there, I’d have been yelling “harder, yes – get her teeth!”