Florida Cops Arrest Boomer for Shooting Walmart Drone Flying Over His Property

Dennis Winn

Don’t you own your property up to a certain number of feet in the air?

I’m sure there must be some rule. Obviously you can’t shoot down a plane, but a drone has to be within your property’s headroom.

Are the drones even from Walmart?

They’re probably fednigger drones and they just blamed Walmart.

New York Post:

A Florida man was arrested after he shot a Walmart drone with a 9mm handgun as it flew over his house — causing thousands of dollars in damage — because he thought it was “watching him.”

The suspect — Dennis Winn, 72, of Clermont, Florida — allegedly admitted to police June 26 that he took a potshot at the drone, which a two-man crew was operating over his Lake County home, the Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post.

A Walmart representative said the flights were part of a local campaign that featured mock deliveries to attract business and interest in the area, which is about 25 miles west of Orlando, according to FOX 35 Orlando.

But as the crew piloted the craft back towards the ground, one of the reps heard a gunshot.

Cops arrested him and charged him with shooting at an aircraft, criminal mischief damage over $1,000 and firing a gun in public.

This is an outrage.

That’s three cop cars.

Don’t you pigs have some NIGGERS to deal with?

Seriously though, I do wonder how high your property extends into the air. The rules are probably different in different countries. (What’s weird is condos, where you literally own a square box in the sky.)

I would look it up but I’m crunched for time. I’ve got to install all my shit on my new computer.

By the way – send lawyers, guns, and money.

This was not cheap.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.