Hezbollah Hits 9 Israeli Military Sites with Rockets and Drones

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A challenger appears!


Hezbollah said it had launched rockets and weaponised drones at nine Israeli military sites in a coordinated attack on Thursday, ramping up hostilities on Lebanon’s southern border for the second consecutive day.

The attacks were carried out in retaliation for an Israeli strike on Tuesday that killed a senior Hezbollah field commander. A security source told Lebanon it was the largest attack waged by Hezbollah since October, when the group started exchanging fire with Israel in parallel with the Gaza war.

In the early hours of Friday, a strike on a building east of the port city of Tyr left one civilian woman dead and more than a dozen wounded, many of them children, according to two Lebanese security sources. Asked about the incident, the Israeli military said it was looking into it.

Hezbollah said in a statement earlier that it had fired volleys of Katyusha and Falaq rockets at six Israeli military locations. Its Al-Manar television reported more than 100 rockets fired at once.

Hezbollah’s statement said it had also launched attack drones at the headquarters of Israel’s northern command, an intelligence headquarters and a military barracks.

A security source told Reuters that involved firing at least 30 attack drones at once, making it the group’s largest drone attack to date in the eight-month-old war.

This party is just getting started.

Israel is going to escalate this into a full war, and blame Lebanon.

Then the US will be able to say “hey, it’s not just children in hospitals being slaughtered anymore – some percentage of the people the Jews are killing are actually adult men with guns.”

In reality, the media will just make a pivot, ceasing discussion of Gaza. Probably, Israel will also temporarily let up on some of the more extreme brutality in Gaza to try to help Biden get control of his own voters in the US.

This is really the only way out for the PR nightmare the Biden Administration is living in: to present actual footage of actual soldiers shooting at Israelis.

Of course, the other side of that is that all of the pro-Palestine activists will be actively supporting and promoting Hezbollah in America.

It’s not clear what the upshot from that will be exactly. The media can keep saying “terrorism supporters,” but no one who doesn’t already believe that is going to start believing it because an Arab military started fighting back against Israel after 8 months of Israel indiscriminately slaughtering people while going on TV and basically saying that’s what they were doing.

Israel let foreign media come in and make documentaries about how they are blocking food trucks trying to get into Gaza. Especially for Jews, they have been really straightforward about this whole thing.