Spain: Government Wants to Create an App That Nags Men Into Doing More Chores

The modern “working couple” is such an absolute disaster.

I will rarely give women any credit at all, in any context whatsoever, so this is big: yes, it is too much to expect a woman to work full time and then do all of the household chores on top of that. Yes, if both husband and wife are working full-time jobs, it is a reasonable request that the husband do some of the household chores.

The problem here is that you are extrapolating that logically from a violation of first principles. The woman should not be working, certainly not full-time. It’s dumb and retarded, and has benefited literally no one in any way at all.


A recent report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, says women in Spain spend more than twice as many hours as men doing household chores.

Just two months ago, Claudia and Fernando moved to a small flat in the Spanish capital.

It was a big step for the 28-year-old couple.

But what had, at first, seemed idyllic, has now turned into constant bickering over who does what at home.

Fernando says he cooks more than Claudia and she says she has to constantly remind him to pick up his clothes and sweep the floor.

If a woman ever told me to pick up my clothes off the floor, it would probably be a closed fist type situation, quite frankly. I mean, I’d pull the punch, but I’m sorry, that is crossing the “open-handed slap” barrier.

Now, Spain’s Ministry of Equality, headed by Irene Montero, wants to lend a hand to couples who are struggling with the division of labour at home.

Irene Montero

The plan, which is already underway, is to develop an application that will count the hours men and women living in the same household spend on housework.

“An app to track how much time we spend doing chores?” asks Claudia in disbelief.

“I’m not sure if it would work for us. We may have even more arguments when we see the difference in the average time each person is doing,” she adds.

Women vs men at home?“The app will be launched next September. It will be free and can be downloaded on all different platforms,” the Ministry of Equality told Euronews.

“It aims to promote the joint responsibility of tasks at home by way of a time-use accounting system,” the Ministry adds.

The aim of the app is to be “innovative” when it comes to time accounting, as explained this week by the Secretary of State for Equality and against Gender Violence, Ángela Rodríguez.

 This is Ángela Rodríguez. She’s 33 years old.

“It is not only about including the time spent cleaning the kitchen, which can only be 20 minutes, but also all the tasks done beforehand so that this can be accomplished, such as buying cleaning products or even planning the shopping list”, she said.

The Ministry of Equality points out that women are the ones who spend more hours at home.

“The app will have a feminist approach. It will bring to light many invisible tasks that cause mental load and ones that are not related to the physical house, such as planning meals or dealing with the emotional care of children,” says the Ministry of Equality.

“We want to sow a seed that will later help us develop public policies around a co-responsible state. The great pending debt of the Equality policies”.

Aside from the issue of women and men’s roles in the family, there is also obviously a huge issue here relating to the government’s role in people’s personal lives. Invading people’s private lives like this is truly beyond the pale.

However, the two issues are fundamentally part of the same problem: women do not share the same concepts of personal independence, freedom, and responsibility that men have, because in nature, everything women do is collective. So, obviously, if you create this backward ass system where women are taking these roles in public life, they are going to start doing things like creating apps to monitor men.

We didn’t have a “nanny state” before you allowed women into public life. In Islamic countries today, men are always considered entirely responsible for their own personal lives.

Again: it’s all just a bad idea from the start. Women should not be in public life. They use to always say “oh so you think a woman should just be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen?” like it is some kind of gotcha. This is not a gotcha for me. My answer is literally “yes.”

What that natural situation naturally does is transfer any and all financial responsibility to the man.

As we have seen continually, women in these public positions are constantly – always – skirting any form of responsibility. They do all of these power moves, demand to control everything, then when they screw everything up, they start crying to send the message “how could you blame me for this? I’m just a woman.”

Women have to be treated like little children. That is literally true. They have to be scolded and shamed when they do something wrong, and they have to be praised and rewarded when they do something right. This is also the same thing as training a dog – however, a dog eventually gets “trained” and understands the deal between dog and master, whereas a woman is simply too stupid to ever get to that point of understanding.

This lack of an ability to understand is also why dogs are obviously so much more loyal than women. I guess you could say “it’s not her fault, it’s just her biology” – but what would be the point of saying that? It doesn’t change anything.

I would prefer to just say: “it is what it is.”

Snake Baker contributed to this article.