Spain: Leftist Government Trying to Legalize 500,000 Invaders, Potentially Opening Path to Citizenship

They are trying to bury us.

It’s happening in every white country.

European Conservative:

Spain’s lower house has voted in favor of a bill that, if also passed in the Senate, will see half a million illegal migrants regularized, potentially opening a pathway to Spanish citizenship.

The bill passed in the Congress of Deputies last week with the support of all parties in the left-liberal government as well as the center-right opposition Partido Popular (PP) who, after signaling they would oppose the measure, reversed their position at the last moment, leaving the conservative, sovereigntist VOX party as the sole dissenting voice.

During a debate that preceded the vote, VOX MP and parliamentary spokesman Rocio De Meer laid out the party’s position on the legislation, saying:

We want Spain to remain Spain, not Morocco, nor Algeria, nor Nigeria, nor Senegal. And this is not hatred nor is it xenophobia, nor racism, it is pure common sense.

The 34-year-old lawmaker warned that regularizing half a million illegal migrants would inevitably have a “pull effect” and encourage further mass migration into Spain, potentially resulting in the importation of “jihad, the persecution of Christians, and the discrimination of women.”

Look how desperate they are to escape the brutal Syrian civil war in Senegal

The PP, for its part, justified its change of heart by saying it simply wanted to “open up a debate” on the issue of “extraordinary regularization.”

Socialist spokesman Patxi López defended his party’s position, asserting that immigration should be faced in “an intelligent and reasonable way.” He argued that a country like Spain “needs thousands of immigrants” to sustain its current levels of productivity, and added that the bill will likely undergo some amendments.

If the “extraordinary regularization” is indeed executed, it would mark the seventh in Spanish history. Others, under both socialist- and PP-led governments, took place in 1991, 1996, 2000, 2001, and 2005, and collectively resulted in the regularization of over one million illegal immigrants.

VOX MEP Jorge Buxadé, the head of the party’s delegation in the European Parliament, remarked on the legislation in comments given to the Spanish press in Seville on Monday, April 15th, calling it a “disaster” and an “attack on European law.” For him, “extraordinary regularizations should be prohibited throughout the European Union.”

No one thinks any of this makes sense.

It doesn’t ameliorate third world poverty, and actually arguably makes it much worse.

They are using these people to hurt whites. It isn’t about helping browns.

These same people telling you they’re helping the browns are feeding the brown babies sugar-filled infant formulas.

They are slaughtering and starving the brown babies in Palestine.

These people do not care about brown people, they care only about hurting you.