NYU: Students Set Up Camp to Support Palestine, Get Arrested

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences.

The government will arrest you if you do free speech against Israel.

New York Post:

New York University students are jumping on the anti-Israel tent camp band wagon.

The downtown Manhattan university has become the latest pricey college to see students set up encampments on campus as they protest Israel and the war in the Gaza Strip.

The protesters made camp across NYU’s Stern School of Business in Manhattan on Monday morning as they called on the school to divest from the Jewish State and push for an end to its campaign across the Palestinian enclave.

The students were seen waving Palestinian flags on the streets and sidewalks, with others hanging up signs to “Honor the Martyrs of Palestine.”

Some students also proudly displayed another sign reading, “We Are All SJP,” referencing the Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine organization leading its own encampment protest at the Ivy League university on 116th Street.

It looks like spring is in the air and the Jews are now facing an organized movement of opposition.

Can they just arrest everyone? What are the logistics of that?

The NYU protesters, united under the NYU Palestine Solidarity Coalition, are demanding that the university disclose and divest “its finances and endowment from weapons manufacturers and companies with an interest in the ‘Israeli occupation.”

They are also calling on the school to shut down its campus in Tel Aviv, which allows students to study politics, history and religion in the Jewish state.

Along with the demands related to the war, the students are also asking that “racist” NYPD cops, whom they claim are trained by the Israeli military, be kicked off campus.

The fourth and final demand calls on the school to provide “full amnesty” to the students and faculty members who have been penalized for their recent activism.

I don’t think the cops who bowed down before George Floyd and serve an international Jewish system are “racist,” but I agree with all of their other demands.

In particular, calling for the reinstatement of students and teachers who have been punished for criticizing the Jews is key here. They can basically shut down everything.

Columbia just went to only online classes, because apparently they are unable to function among critics of the Jews.

Just keep telling the cops to arrest you.

You love to see it.

In particular, I love that this is sort of an extension of the George Floyd protests. It makes you think about in the Bible, when the prophets talk about God transforming evil into good.