Stopping America’s Suicide by Race

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 4, 2014

Stephen Molyneux with another good one.

YouTube description:

Why I focused on Ferguson and the Michael Brown shooting: the LA riots of 1992 – dozens of people slaughtered, 2,000 people injured, 3,000 fires set, and a billion dollars of property damage – race baiting and rioting feeds the police state, cripples poor neighborhoods, and creates more and more dependence on the state and its power…

Notes on posting this guy’s videos:

I have stated repeatedly I don’t agree with his general politics of libertarianism, but I think he’s a pretty smart guy and has some interesting things to say.

People keep bringing up a statement he made about one of his grandparents coming from “a pretty Jewish clan.” This indicates he has some perhaps very obscure Jew blood, but I don’t really, personally, think that means all too much.

Granted, I don’t post Brother Nathaneal’s videos, even though I would probably agree with most everything he says, because he is an extremely Jewy Jew and he thus disgusts me. Molyneux hardly looks or acts Jewy (save for maybe being a little bit faggy acting from an American standpoint, but his demeanor is pretty standard for heterosexuals in most Western Euro countries and Canada).

Genetically, I would say that full Jew is something, half-Jew is something, but when it gets to be less than that, it just depends on the individual. If it is less than an 8th, it seems hard to believe it would matter much. After all, Euro Jews are already about 60-75% White in ethnic orientation.

I guess this discussion would relate back to what a Jew actually is, which is more than I will go into at this time – briefly, “Jew” is not a “race” in the traditional sense, but a breeding program which involves many or all different races.

We should remember that thousands of partial Jews served Hitler and none of them ever seem to have betrayed the Reich.

But it is probably whatever Jew blood Molyneux does have that makes him push the libertarianism gibberish. It is his White blood that comes up with these great videos about race and Jews and so on.

If he wasn’t so old though, I would expect him to start moving away from the libertarian stuff. He is definitely talking about other more important things more often now. But once you get to a certain age, it is pretty well impossible to make a major paradigm shift, unless you are a very, very self-aware individual.