Study: Quarter of Americans Have Never Eaten Any Vegetables Their Entire Lives

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 9, 2019

Americans do eat vegetables though, but mostly in a highly processed and highly fattening form. Sprite, Doritos, burgers, and pretty much every popular and well-known processed food has at least one plant-based ingredient.

What this study found is most likely that a quarter of Americans have never eaten vegetables in their whole food form.

Study Finds:

The most popular vegetable in America is — corn! That’s according to a survey of 2,000 Americans who were asked which vegetables they liked and disliked the most. However, it turns out the most surprising result of the study may be that a staggering number of adults haven’t eaten any vegetables their entire lives.

Overall, a whopping 91.4% of respondents enjoy eating corn. Potatoes came in an extremely close second at 91.2%, while carrots and tomatoes were tied for the third-most-liked vegetable at 89%. Rounding out the top five are onions and green beans, which tied as the fifth-most popular veggies (87%) according to the survey, which was commissioned on behalf of by Dr. Praeger’s.

On the other side of the spectrum, the most hated vegetable is turnips. Nearly three in ten respondents (27%) say they dislike the root veggie. Beets were a close second on the dislike list, at 26%, with radishes (23%), and brussels sprouts (21%) rounding out the bottom four.

The survey also reveals some shocking numbers — and perhaps a telling truth about the American diet. One in four respondents say they’ve actually never eaten a vegetable at all! And of those who do eat vegetables, the average person only includes veggies in a third of their meals.

As for why respondents say they don’t eat vegetables, a quarter say their produce rots before they can eat it, and the same number feels vegetables are too expensive to buy. Another 22% find veggie take too long to prepare, and 20% aren’t sure how to cook them properly.

Imagine telling someone that you don’t know how to cook vegetables in the era of smartphone internet access.

The lack of unprocessed vegetables in the American diet isn’t really the singular cause of America’s food problem, but it certainly worsens the situation by taking away the satiating power of fiber, which in turns results in people both feeling more hunger and having more stomach space to eat calorie-dense junk food.

This is plant-based junk:

Instead of worrying about plant-based or animal-based, vegetables or meat, it would be easier and more productive to evaluate foods according to their historic role in our ancestors’ diet.

In practice, this mostly means opting for foods in their whole, unprocessed form that our great-grandfathers would have immediately recognized as food.

Most packaged foods are products intended to get you addicted so you go out and buy more and more and more. Remove them from the equation and free yourself of one of Modernity’s biggest problems.