Summary of Altman Firing and Re-Hiring by Microsoft (As I Understand It)

Sam Altman, another disgraced Jew

Usually, I can just quote some bits of a news article to give you the facts of a matter, but with the bizarre firing of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, it’s difficult to find a short synopsis that seems to explain it all.

OpenAI is the company that owns and operates ChatGPT. The company was founded in 2015 as an AI non-profit by Altman and 8 others, including Elon Musk. Musk left in 2018, and Altman then turned the company into a for-profit venture, securing many billions of dollars.

Bizarrely, after becoming a clearly for-profit company, with serious people and companies, including their biggest investor Microsoft, having billions in the company, the company did not establish a normal board of directors that represented investors, but is instead still controlled by a non-profit style board, which the investors have no direct influence on.

It is this uninvested board that made the decision to fire Altman, allegedly telling Microsoft only 1 minute before it was announced on Twitter.

The reason the board fired him has not been clearly stated, but it seems to relate to women and other Jews at the company arguing that Altman was moving too fast and not considering the “risks” of AI. Basically, it sounds like HR people ganging up and realizing they are going to be out of work. That was probably inevitable, given that the people on the board do not have serious money in the company, and therefore have no reason to want it to succeed to the point that it makes them obsolete.

It is my assertion that no for-profit company ever should be restrained by ethical concerns, and part of my reasoning there is that when companies claim to be constrained by ethical concerns, that is actually a ruse, which they are using to manipulate people for profit-oriented goals. If, however, companies actually do act on ethical concerns, as seems to have been the case here, the entire system breaks.

Further, I do not agree with the ethical concerns of the board. I don’t think AI should be restrained in any way, and I don’t care that a bunch of lazy millennial sluts (along with many, many others) are going to lose their jobs. However, any restraints that are put on the development of AI would have to be done by Congress. They can’t be done by private for-profit companies. That is just not reasonable.

My personal view is that what the government should do is prevent AI from being centralized in just a few hands by forcing the companies working on this project to make their source code public. That is an obvious, fair regulation. Free the AI. That is the only potential for corruption here: allowing the power of AI to be centralized and used by powerful people against the rest of the people. I don’t think the government is going to do that, but they are probably not going to do anything, so I say just let it ride. We don’t need nagging women slowing us down here.

Immediately after Altman was fired, he said he was going to take much of the staff and start a competitor. I don’t trust Altman, because he’s Jewish, but when I heard this I was like “well, it can’t be as gay as the censorship at OpenAI.”

The investors were all calling for Altman to be reinstated at OpenAI, but this weird non-investor board refused, and apparently the company is structured in such a way as that they have this right. (I would certainly assume that, after witnessing this, investors are going to start getting their money out of this ridiculous company, where there is an unaccountable management team that is purposefully trying to cripple the company.)

By the way: that Israeli Jew with the disastrous hair implants, Ilya Sutskever, was leading the charge. I assume he was positioning himself as CEO, but he didn’t get that role.

Ilya Sutskever

By Sunday, Altman had been hired by Microsoft, where he is going to be in charge of some separate AI company within Microsoft.

It’s not exactly clear which rights Microsoft has to ChatGPT, but they are running it on their very popular and very amazing “Bing AI” image generator software.

Meanwhile, Emmett Shear, the former CEO of Twitch, has been put in charge of OpenAI.

It’s a weird breakup that is basically definitely going to slow the progress of OpenAI. Even if Microsoft gives Altman total access to his former company’s product, he does not have his staff, and it’s this whole mess.

Now would be a great time for Elon to push his own product. However, Elon, who loves the Jews and is obsessed with censorship, cannot possibly manage such a task. He is too fat and incompetent to ever do anything right.

Honestly, I don’t care about any of this corporate AI. The only thing I care about is a free and uncensored open source AI, which has to be coming soon. However, because the existing corporate AIs will be used to train any efficient open source AI, I would prefer if all of these companies put out the best work possible.