Top Ukraine MP Says What Anglin Says

David Arakhamia

Kiev has finally admitted that they could have ended the war in spring of 2022, and that the reason they didn’t is that Boris Johnson flew in and told them they were not allowed to make peace.

You all know I’ve been saying this since it happened.

The media does not admit it and claims that Russia is trying to conquer all of the Ukraine to expand the Soviet empire.

This guy probably knows better than Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow.


Russia was ready to stop the fighting had Ukraine agreed to remain neutral, but the West advised Kiev to keep going, the head of President Vladimir Zelensky’s parliamentary faction – and the chief negotiator at the peace talks in Istanbul – David Arakhamia admitted on Friday.

Arakhamia, who heads the ‘Servant of the People’ parliamentary group, told the TV channel 1+1 that Moscow had offered Kiev a peace deal in March 2022, but the Ukrainian side did not trust Russia.

“Russia’s goal was to put pressure on us so that we would take neutrality. This was the main thing for them: They were ready to end the war if we accepted neutrality, like Finland once did. And we would make a commitment that we will not join NATO. This was the main thing,” said Arakhamia.


That was the main thing.

However, agreeing to neutrality and giving up NATO membership would have required changing the constitution of Ukraine, Arakhamia explained. “Secondly, there was no trust in the Russians that they would do this. This could only be done with security guarantees,” he told 1+1.

Which is why Russia was offering all kinds of options for security guarantees.

Kiev signed a draft agreement on security guarantees in Turkey. After the paper was signed, Russia agreed to pull troops from Kiev as a gesture of good will, and the Western media praised it as a Ukraine military victory as Johnson flew in and told them there was not going to be any peace.

During the talks, Arakhamia added, British then-PM Boris Johnson arrived in Kiev and told Ukrainian officials to keep fighting and not sign any agreements with Moscow.

Johnson’s role in scuttling the peace talks in Istanbul was revealed in May 2022 by the outlet Ukrayinska Pravda. However, neither the British politician – who was ousted as PM in June that year and eventually landed a job at an American think tank – nor the US government ever officially acknowledged pressuring Kiev into reneging on the draft agreement, which Arakhamia himself had signed with the Russians. Kiev had likewise never officially commented on the matter – until now.


Now they admit that I was right all along.

And you may be saying: “Anglin, you were just repeating the Russian line.” No, I was stating the truth. Russia happened to also be stating the truth. Now, Zelensky’s top parliamentary guy has admitted the whole thing, and no one can deny it.

The invasion should have never happened. Zelensky should have honored the Minsk Accords, and stopped bombing the Donbass. Zelensky never should have made those statements about hosting NATO nukes.

None of this should have happened. It was all an evil scheme from the Jews in Washington to try to destroy Russia. These people are not able to tolerate any competing power in the world. They demand total world domination, like a comic book villain.

But they do not even have the Cosmic Cube. They screwed this whole thing up. Instead of causing a collapse of the Russian economy, which would trigger a color revolution and overthrow of Putin, which was the plan, they did the opposite. The Russian economy is strong and Putin is more popular than he’s ever been.

The entire nation has rallied around Putin. Even liberals who were against him before realized that the West wants to destroy Russia, that they are feeding this lunatic “Russians should be exterminated because they are actually Asians” ideology of the Zelensky regime, and the Russian fifth column of Westernizers has totally collapsed.

The project to destroy Russia, to break it into multiple states under the guidance of Washington, has gone about as well as the plan to democratize Afghanistan.

Russia is building up to a massive push in 2024, and there is simply no way the West can continue this war. Kiev is going to get wiped out.

It goes back to the same two options that the US has had since it became clear the Russian economy was not going to collapse:

  • Have NATO declare war on Russia, or
  • Surrender

There’s nothing else to say. There is no new information and nothing has changed. Maybe there was a chance the Russian economy would collapse as a result of sanctions – it seems that if the analysts would have considered China, they never would have thought that possible – but that is not a possibility anymore. So the West is facing these same two options they’ve had this whole time.

I don’t know if these people in Washington are actually so stupid that they believed in the “counteroffensive” or they just wanted this war to keep going for other reasons. Certainly, the arm sales are something everyone in Washington appreciates, and further, they wanted more time to push for a NATO war.

The thinking is that Jake Sullivan and Antony Blinken (more importantly, the people they represent) wanted to kick the can down the road until after the 2024 election, when they could declare World War III against Russia. However, it seems that the situation in the Middle East has changed those plans.

Surely, they have to be looking for an exit at this point.

Why is This Guy Saying This?

Ukrainians are getting very tired of dying for Uncle Sam’s Magic Rainbow. David Arakhamia blowing the lid on the fact that Russia was not trying to take over the whole Ukraine, and was not trying to commit a genocide, is certainly going to rile some Ukrainians.

There could be a plan for some kind of move against Zelensky by his own people. You would think that would be the case. The head of his military said last month that the Ukraine can’t win the war, calling the battle a “stalemate.”

Presumably, there is a limit to how much suffering the Ukraine people are willing to tolerate.