Swatch CEO Comes Out and Condemns Hypocritical American Global War Agenda

German money people are pissed.

They are being forced to give up a lot of money for an American geo-strategic agenda masquerading as a gay anal morality crusade.

It’s generally unadvisable for governments to piss off a bunch of wealthy people. The US government, for whatever reason, is no longer concerned about this.


The West has double standards when it comes to the Ukraine conflict and is hostile to efforts to end the fighting through diplomacy, Nick Hayek, the CEO of Swiss watch-making giant Swatch Group, told the newspaper SonntagsBlick on Sunday.

“The whole world seems to act only based on ideology. Take the war in Ukraine. We all want this conflict to end. People are dying every day, no matter from which side they are,” the CEO said.

“In the past, people tried to find a solution through diplomacy. Today, you can’t do that anymore, otherwise you will be accused of betraying freedom and democracy.”

“Progress demands pragmatic solutions. Do you think it helps anyone if the German foreign minister calls [Chinese President] Xi Jinping a dictator?” Hayek said, referring to a recent statement made by Annalena Baerbock.

Asked if he thinks the West is “arrogant,” he replied that it is “hypocritical” as well, which “can be seen with the sanctions against Russia.”

“They impose them and continue to do business behind the scenes. The Americans, in turn, profit because they can now supply gas to Europe. Saudi Arabia is suddenly a well-liked energy supplier,” Hayek said, arguing that sanctions are “just lip service” unless everyone implements them.

According to Hayek, Switzerland, known for its long-standing neutrality, “can no longer play any positive role” in resolving the Russia-Ukraine conflict because the Swiss government does not focus on diplomacy.

These are very smart statements.

Notice that he is casually linking the statements against China with the wider agenda, while the politicians and media are still attempting to claim that somehow the agenda against China is totally separate from the Ukraine conflict. The reality, as all smart people understand, is that every single conflict on earth is part of the same global conflict between the US and China/Russia. (There are small exceptions, such as the border dispute between China and India, but the US is trying to exploit that, and it’s possible/probable that without the US meddling, they would have come to a solution there. Some African conflicts could also fall into the “unrelated” category, but as we’ve seen recently, that is all being pulled in as groups take sides. Both US and China/Russia are going around the world trying to get people on their side, so every conflict is eventually either going to become a part of this bigger conflict, or be resolved.)

Rich people are typically very smart, obviously. They also typically stay out of politics in a public way, because that does not benefit them.

The fact that many very wealthy Germans are now losing it and going out and making these sorts of statements proves that the doom spiral is real.

It’s not viable to launch a war of the scale that the US is attempting while the wealthy and the intelligentsia are on the side of the enemy. If the US was serious about this whole thing, they would have found a way to get powerful people in their own territories on their side. All of the wealthy and the intelligentsia in China and Russia are on the team of their own states, aren’t they?

The basic matter is that the US government is not simply at war with China, Russia, and all of their allies, but at war with the populations of the countries they control.