China, Japan, And South Korea FINALLY Coming Together to Discuss the Threat of the Mad Brute

Finally, Asia is adjusting to the new reality, which is that China is number one.

If the Axis would have won World War II, or if the US wouldn’t have crippled Japan afterward, maybe we’d be having a different discussion. But what happened happened, and China is number one, and Asians need to recognize that they are all Asians and there is nothing good that can come from Korea and Japan acting like they’re somehow going to overcome China to become the dominant Asian power(s).

China is using their power responsibly, and they just want to work with Japan and Korea so everyone gets rich. This isn’t like America’s relationship with other countries in their sphere, where they will sabotage the pipes of their close allies. China is incredibly reasonable. They just don’t want their neighbors allying with America against them.

The Japanese elite are pretty much already on board with this. Japan used to invade China every generation or so because the Chinese emperor demanded tribute to engage in trade and the Japanese honor culture viewed tribute as demeaning and something they were willing to go to war over.

The Japanese don’t have that level of masculinity anymore for one, but more importantly, Emperor Xi is a “Bro Emperor,” and he says “no big thing, guys – don’t worry about it, I don’t need tribute, let’s just all make money together so we can enjoy family happiness on the weekends.”

The Guardian:

The leaders of China, Japan and South Korea will hold three-way talks “as soon as possible” after a meeting intended to ease Chinese concerns over Washington’s stronger security presence in the region.

Official said on Tuesday that the three countries’ deputy foreign ministers had agreed to revive trilateral talks after a four-year hiatus during which tensions have risen over North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme and Chinese military activity.

Lim Soo-suk, a spokesperson for South Korea’s foreign ministry, said the leaders’ summit would be held at the “earliest mutually convenient time”, according to the Yonhap news agency.

Japan’s foreign minister, Yoko Kamikawa, said the three countries shared the need to restart high-level talks, including summits, “as soon as possible”.

“I believe it is very valuable to discuss the various challenges the region faces,” she told a briefing in Tokyo.

China has expressed alarm over deepening ties between Washington and its two allies in north-east Asia, which are home to tens of thousands of US troops.

In August, South Korea’s president, Yoon Suk Yeol, the Japanese prime minister, Fumio Kishida, and the US president, Joe Biden, hailed a “new chapter” in three-way security cooperation after a historical summit at Camp David.

China denounced the summit, saying it “opposes relevant countries forming various cliques and their practices of exacerbating confrontation and jeopardising other countries’ strategic security”. It was particularly angered by a reference in the Camp David statement to China’s “aggressive behaviour” in the South China Sea.

Washington has attempted to present a united regional front against Chinese military activity near Taiwan and North Korea’s development of powerful weapons of mass destruction.

China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, said on Tuesday that Beijing would oppose the “wanton expansion of military alliances and the squeezing of the security space of other countries”, in what appeared to be a warning against any attempt to establish a Nato-like military alliance in the Asia-Pacific.

Asians are not retarded like hohols.

They are smart enough to understand that they are being set up as cannon fodder for an American war. Even the Filipinos understand this (although the Filipinos are really backed into a corner).

This coming together of Asian nations in an official way is the most interesting thing happening in the world right now. Or, at least, it is a part of the most interesting thing happening in the world.

If yellow man comes together, if they circle the wagons around good family happiness and pleasant joyfulness, America loses the ability to fight more wars in Asia.

It’s obviously very complicated, as both Japan and Korea are heavily occupied by the US military, and as we saw with the Philippines, if you tell these people to leave they just say “no, actually.”

However, the cultural barrier appears to have been crossed: Korea and Japan no longer view an alliance with China as beyond the pale.

Wang is a genius, basically.

We have found that many such cases exist of genius Wangs.